Mega European-Egypt May 14th 2019


Hi guys, I’m a 25 year old kiwi who is doing their first OE and have just booked my Mega European/Egypt tour for May 14th-July 1st 2019. I was wondering if anyone else has booked this trip?


Hey Esther. I’ve just booked in for the same tour and dates as you. It’s my first big overseas trip as well, looking forward to it!


Awesome! Good to know I wasn’t the only keen one and booked so far in advance haha. Where are you from?


You’re definitely not the only one. It’s good to know someone else is also doing the Egypt part of the trip as well. I’m from Australia :slight_smile: Sorry, forgot to put that in my last post


Hi Esther and Georgia, i just booked this trip too. I am coming from Toronto.It’s also my first solo travelling experience.