Mega European Egypt/Greece June 13 -July 31 2017


Hey all my name is Sarah , I have booked my trip for June 12th till July 31st for next year, I’m doing this trip solo and would love to hear from you if you are on this trip too…, I’m so excited for next year.
I have booked my flights as well. Coming from Australia


Hey Sarah,

I’m currently looking at booking this tour and will be travelling solo from Australia, will definetly let you know if I end up booking into this tour! :slight_smile:


yay let me know for sure… I’m coming from Melbourne


Have you heard or seen anything about the safety of travelling in Egypt? I’m dying to go but just concerned about safety… can’t really find much about it on the net. I’m assuming if things get worse over there before the trip they would change these few days to another location if it was unsafe to travel.


Yes I believe they would they have done that for turkey as well but I’ll still get visas just In case.


Hey the itinerary has changed no turkey anymore


I never saw Turkey on the itinerary I was looking at. I did read a note attached that due to what was happening Topdeck wouldnt go to Turkey and would adjust the itinerary.

Im going to go book the tour this weekend :slight_smile:
SO excited!!!


Yay that’s so exciting… I would book your hotels asap as well as they are getting full close to the pick up spot… And flights. I went with thai airways


Ooh thanks for letting me know! Im going in this weekend to book everything. Are you staying at that wombat hostel before the trip? Im thinking of leaving Aus on the 10th so i have a day to see London


Wombat is all booked out, I booked at Ibis and arbor city which is about 15 minutes walk to wombat.
I booked my flights from the 9th. So I’ll have a few days before. And I booked one night after the tour and head home on the 1st


Oh wow i didnt think it would be booked out already. Ill definitely have to get it all sorted this weekend. I was going to fly out on the 10th/11th and fly home on the 1st or 2nd, really wanted a couple of days to see a bit of London whilr I was there.


We are going on the peak time so it will busy, even if places are vacant the price will go up…


I’m officially booked into the tour as of today… YAYYY! :slight_smile:


Yay that’s so exciting…
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I know super excited! The wombat is actually all booked out by Topdeck for these tours… my travel agent called Top Deck and they booked my accommodation there.
I cant find you on Facebook… maybe try add me?
Danielle Louise from Townsville, North Queensland


Ahh ok, I can’t find you either it doesn’t say where you are from what I can see…
My Insta is sarahm115 maybe try that…


Try this link


Anyone else booked on this tour??


Hey! I’m considering booking Pharaoh’s Escape which joins the Mega European tour in Cairo during this time.
Have either of you ever travelled with Topdeck before?


Na haven’t been with topdeck