Mega European - Egypt 5th June 2018


I booked Hawaii at the beginning of the year when Jetstar did the really cheap flights!
Very very exciting times ahead woop woop


Ooh yes I remember that! Well at least you have something to look forward to in the meantime! :slight_smile:


Hey Amanda and hailee we have a group on Facebook for this tour with others that are going on it. If you want me to add you to it add me on Facebook Adam Sidoti my profile picture has me in a blue shirt with my son :ok_hand:


Hi all!! Just booked on to the trip. Only 6 months to go!!
I’m 24 and from Indiana in the US. I’ll be traveling alone and doing Scotland/Ireland/some London solo beforehand if anyone is around.


Hi All !!

Haven’t asked work yet but am seriously considering booking for this tour. Also reading everyones comments, you all sound so lovely !!

I did a Contiki tour around USA three years ago so super keen to travel again. I am 26 and live in a small town called Merimbula on the South Coast of NSW.

Thinking of taking 2.5 months so i can do a bit of extra travel !!