Mega European - Egypt 5th June 2018


Hi everyone!
Is anyone else doing this tour. Finally work accepted my annual leave so I’m off to the travel agent to book this tour :hugs:

Solo traveler from QLD, Australia, 21! I’ve done three topdeck tours before but haven’t done any Europe before so I’m damn excited!


Hey hailee,

I’m doing the Greece side of this tour but I believe that we travel together up until there then meet back up at Dubrovnik.

I’m 27 from nsw and travelling with a mate and never been around Europe before so I’m pretty excited.



I’m doing the Greece side of this too :slight_smile:

I’m 23 from Melbourne and will be going with a friend, couldn’t be more excited!
Sucks that it’s such a long wait though…


Hi guys!

In march I did Iceland, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales because they aren’t apart of this tour so I’m so excited to go back and see it all!

I didn’t know wether to go Greece or Egypt but thought I don’t know anyone who’s been to Egypt so why not go? :joy:

It’s going to be so much fun, especially excited for all the yummy food, not gonna lie!


That’s awesome! I have never been to Europe so I’m so keen!

We’re heading into London a few days beforehand though and staying a few days afterwards too so that’ll give a bit of time to check out London a bit more :slight_smile:

Yeah it’ll be an amazing experience either way!
So excited for the Italian pasta and pizza hahah :joy:


My mate and I are going a few days earlier aswell then when we get back to London after the topdeck we are doing the Croatian sail followed by a month of our own travel so can’t wait should be so much fun. We thought about the Egypt option but from what I’ve heard about Greece had to go that way.
The best part is it’s actually my birthday while we are on the tour couldn’t think of any better way to spend it, Just wish it would hurry up and come around already haha


I’m officially booked on this tour woohoo🙌🏻
Birthday on holidays yes! Where are we going to be?
Where are you guys most excited to go? I’m excited for Egypt, Swiss alps, Rome, pretty much everywhere. Probably most looking forward to the concerntration camp we visit.


Oh that’s awesome Adam! What a way to celebrate! :smile:

Yeah I didn’t think twice about doing Greece, been on the bucket list for ages, so obviously extremely excited for that, especially the sailing! Also mainly can’t wait for Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia and Prague, but so excited for it all haha.
Yeah Krakow is going to be very interesting, really looking forward to that too.


My trips paid off as of yesterday :slight_smile:
We will be in Spain for it I can’t wait.
I’m excited for everywhere but Greece and Prague would have to be at the top of the list I think.
Just wish it would hurry up and come around already haha
Are you both just doing the topdeck or doing a little bit of self travel over there aswell?


Yay! Spain how great you’ll have to plan something for us all to do there to celebrate!!

Well id love to go back to Iceland so I’m going to see if I can try and go there for a few days before the tour. But if not I’ll just be doing the tour then coming home and back to work unfortunately.


That’ll be so good!

I wish I was, was going to see if we could do tomorrowland but I’m pretty sure that’s only on while we’re on tour. So just spending a few days in London really then back home for uni!
Iceland looks incredible! Wish I had the time to check it out

I want to start getting things ready but it’s ages away!! Hahah


I got a Kathmandu voucher for my birthday so last week I went and bought a big travel backpack to take. I don’t want to put it away I just want to pack it and go already :joy:


Ooh Nice! I’m still not sure whether I’m going to take a backpack or a suitcase.
Either way don’t want to get it yet, that’ll make me even more excited :joy:


Hey, I think you ladies should be planning something for my birthday I should get to relax and not have to worry haha dare say I few drinks will be in order that night though haha
Tonorrowland would be so good I’ve always wanted to do it.
I have three months off work so I think I’ll just make the most of it and spend the whole time over there and wing it.


Haha, I don’t doubt that we’re all going to have a few drinks! We will make it a great day :slight_smile:
that’s such a long time, so lucky… Are you planning on going back and staying a little longer in a few places afterwards?


We definitely will make a great day of it :slight_smile:
That’s the plan I think we will go back to Italy and Spain, then go to Santorini and Portugal but just see what happens it will be a spur of the moment thing to see where we end up.
If anyone’s in London for a few days prior to the topdeck we should all meet up before and get to know each other before we go. I think dave and I are going five days earlier to check out London for a little bit.


I’m jealous, wish I could stay on afterwards!
Yeah for sure, my friend and I are flying in on the 30th! So we’re planning to look around for a few days beforehand


Yeah hopefully I don’t run out of money too early over there haha
Should be a great trip I’m too keen I feel haha


I think I’m going to arrive the day before, maybe two, and see stuff I didn’t last time!
238 days to go :airplane:
I’m going to Hawaii for a week in January so i have to save enough for both holidays :joy:


Yeah I’m worried about spending too much early on and not having enough to spend haha! Going to have to budget wisely!
I’m way too excited for how far away it is…

Omg Hawaii, so jealous! I can barely afford Europe :joy: