Mega European Egypt 27th June


Hey guys and gals,

I’m Chloe :grin: And am doing this trip on June 27th traveling solo from Brisbane. Just wondering who else is doing this trip and anyone else sailing solo?
I’m staying at wombats Pre-tour for a couple nights if anyone is also starting early! And I’m doing the Greek island hopper just before this trip 15-24 june
Am a weee bit excited to do this trip, it’s going to be amazing!


Hi, I’m doing the same trip but I leave in June 13 till the end of July



We are doing this trip too!!

So excited!
Should we start a Facebook page?


Hi Chloe

I am a solo traveller from New Zealand and I will be doing this tour with you for the first 29 days until Croatia. I will also be in London 2 days before the tour. How old are you and is it your first trip?


Hey rebecca, will be on the 49 day tour so our paths may cross! My hubby and me are doing it, we are both Kiwis who have been living in Perth for 5 years. we are 31 and 32. :slight_smile: Where in NZ are you from? How old are you?


Hey Rebecca,
sorry I’ve been slack and only just logged back on and seen your message!!
But its great to know that you’ll be doing this trip :slight_smile:
This is my first real big trip away and was initially doing it by myself, but now my partner will be joining me for some of my trip, which is awesome.
oh and I’m 26.
which tour are you doing?
The greece version of the mega european ?