Mega European Egypt 2018 (21 Aug-8 Oct)


Hi y’all!
Anyone doing this trip? Just booked and super excited! Travelling solo from Melbourne, first time going to Europe should be an epic trip! :blush:


Hey!! I just booked this trip today same dates too, from New Zealand.


Yasssss! Looking forward to it!
Am planning on doing London couple days beforehand by myself. If you’re there a couple days earlier let me know we can get together if you’d like!


if you click on my profile my whole name is there if you want to search me on Facebook we can have a chat.


Hey I’m doing the mega european trip on these dates! I’m pretty sure both tours travel together and then split up for Egypt. I’m probably going to head to London 4 days before the tour starts so it would be awesome to know some people in the area when I get there.


Hey Court!
Yayyy me too! I’ll be there from the 16th. Do you know whereabouts you’d be staying?
Should be good fun! :blush: