Mega European departing 07/07/06


Just wanting to make contact with anyone else going on this tour. [br][br]S


I am just about to book it. Well… Still trying to decide on it actually but I think I am going to go for it! 7th July is my favoured departure date if I do![br][br]If I book it it means I have to give my job up so its quite a big decision!! Have you booked? :sunglasses:


Ok I booked it! So excited!!! ;D


Yes, all booked, and paid for, and I have to go now! Ain’t that a shame! Exciting … yes! Definitely! 6 months to go from today before I leave here!


G’day,[br][br]I am looking to book to this tour very soon, [br]I am really looking forward to the northern summer as well as the tour. I have living in Wales for the past three months and I am missing the hot aussie summer.[br]Happy to get in contact with others outside the forum if they want before the tour.[br]I am also going to the World Cup in Germany and I am wondering whether any one else might be going?


Well its official, booked and paid up today.[br]So its count down time!!!


Cool, great news! Wonder where the others are…?!


well … 5 months and 6 days till I get on the plane and head out of here! [br][br]Maybe the rest of them haven’t worked out how to turn their computers on yet??? We know there’s more than 3 of us going! Come on people![br][br]S


Hi all,[br][br]Just wondering whether you have recieved any paperwork from topdeck yet? (Apart from your reciept:-) ) Just wanting to know what passports I am going to have organise and other things as well?[br][br]Cheers


No. Mind you, haven’t checked with my agent lately either. Have to go and see her shortly re visa for Romania.


You wont get tickets from top deck till about a month before the trip. Yhis is due to “thing may change between now and then” and when you do get the tickets well things should be definite.


I haven’t received anything yet. Just a receipt from STA who booked it for me. As I’ve paid the lot upfront though I would have thought I would have had something through by now. Especially as they have already told me that the trip is a guaranteed departure. [br][br]I was told all I would need is a visa for Turkey which I could buy on the trip before we enter the country. I have a UK passport though so I imagine you will have to get other visas perhaps?


“Apparently” all I will need is a visa for Romania, being on NZ passport, but as we all know, these things can change.


I chased up STA and they have now emailed me on the email they got from TopDeck. Its basically a more detailed itinerary than whats in the brochure, includes the dates we will be at each place, the list of optional extras and the contact details of all the campsites we will be staying at! Getting me rather excited! I don’t know if this is my “ticket” as it does have my name on it so reckon it might be.


Got my bits and pieces on Friday, only because I needed part of it for the Romanian visa. Yep, tis more detailed itinerary, list of optionals, suggestions re what to take etc etc, how any millions to take with you etc etc. Nothing unexpected.[br]But yes, now I have it, it’s a bit more real!


There is no way I am intending on spending the suggested ?50 a day though. That would add up to a whole lot of money for 49 days!:o


I have budgeted for about ?45 which probably includes optionals. [br]Got my paperwork today, haven’t read it all but I am worried about luggage and type of bag we can take, I have a backpack style one, but I am not sure if this will be ok?


I hear you on that one re the $$$! As I said to someone … I’m going to see the world, not buy it! I guess there will be some days that you do spend more though. Time will tell huh? Re the suitcase thing, I measured the suitcase that’s been to Aussie, all around Hawaii and back again, and it was a wee bit too big, I checked with the Topdeck folks who said that we had to stick with the specs in the brochure etc. So I managed to pick up a cheapie in the right size(like NZ60 - tis good though, not shoddy one). The only thing they say about backpacks is they don’t want the ones with the metal outside frames - sound prehistoric to me anyway - didn’t know you could still get them! So not too sure how you would go on that one, would suppose that a normal backpack is alright?


I’m taking my 70 litre backback that has been round the world with me. I have no idea what size it is and won’t be measuring it either as I can’t believe they would turn me away with it. I figure it might be a little bit of a walk from the coach to where we are setting up camp so want something I can carry easily. [br][br]It does suggest we take a pillow. Are people taking proper pillows or little camping blowup stylee ones?! B)


Just wondering about visa’s, I know I have to get one for Romania but do I need to get the (schengun?) visa that covers everywhere else before I go or is that on arrival in the first country (france?) and if you have applied for one or both how much?[br]Cheers[br][br]Oh and by the way I think it is 100 days 'til we head off!!!