Mega european camping


Is anyone doing this? done this? has anything to tell about this?[br][br]I think it looks fun, but it’s a lot of days to spend with the same strangers is it not?


Hi, [br][br]I am doing this tour, starting April 27th. I think it will be fantastic. One thing to remember is that not only will we be travelling with those doing the Mega European but also those on other camping trips where they coincide (See earlier post). This means that you will have new people joining and old people leaving the group every now and then, so I suppose it mixes things up enough. Hope you decide to go with the tour, it’s going to be great fun.[br][br]Cheers,[br]Sara


yeah i’m thinking of doing it in early may or late april… just depends on how much cold i think i can handle as i’m going to russia first!


Hello[br][br]my boyfriend and I have just booked on the mega european tour starting on 18 May 2007…we are very excited and keen to hear from anyone else going on the same trip…[br][br]we chose this departure date cos it is guareented and also as it will be spring/summer so hopefully the weather is going to be great especially for the 3 day sailing!!!


star,[br][br]I just signed up for the April 27 mega trip… agreed it is a long time, but I have a number of friends who have done 30-odd day trips and all said there are enough people to mix with so you’re not likely to get sick of everyone’s company.[br][br]cheers and maybe see you on the trip!


Hi [br]i have just signed up for the tour leaving on 31st August and i am traveling alone was woundering if any one else is booked at this time?


I did the Mega European last year, starting in July. Had the best time of my life. Those “strangers” will be your new best mates by the end of the trip! You’ll have such a great time, I would have done it all over again the second I got back![br][br]Ask me any questions you like about the trip :slight_smile:


I am on the tour starting in May aswell.[br][br]Hopefully the weather will be good, but it also coincides with being in Gallipoli for anzac day which should be fantastic![br][br]