Mega European camping or euroclub?


Hi guys,

This might be a question for admin but someone may know.
I was looking in the latest 2011 europe brochure and the mega european (49days) was done as a euroclub tour.
However when I looked back in the 2010 brochure the same tour was done camping.

I’m not travelling to europe until early 2012 but I really want to do the euroclub version of this tour not the camping.

If any one or admin could let me know if this changes year to year or what just so I have a heads up because I really have my heart set on the euroclub version.




Hi Kimberley,

The trip was changed to euroclub when all the new dates came out the other month. I can’t wait, I leave April 19th ;D



Thanks Bec!

Thats great, I hope it stays euroclub until I go in 2012 haha I have a bit more saving to do!
I hope you have an awesome time on your trip!! Im sure you will!


Hey guys, i did this tour this year, the campinng version, and it was AMAZING! The camping part was so fun and it makes the tour so much more social. This is a great tour, but im dissapointed that its no longer a camping trip!


I agree with you kristie! I did it this year too and it was incredible but wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t a camping trip. Camping was definitely a great adventure and I am glad I got the opportunity to do it while it was camping