Mega European Camping - 18 May 07


Hello[br][br]just seeing who else is booked on this trip?[br][br]Cheers


hey - i’m thinking of doing this one… depends if i go to russia before or after though…[br]


Hey there,[br][br]I’m booked for this trip - I’m a 25yr old aussie teacher living in london. Can’t wait to get going, counting down the days - 1mth to go![br][br]Cheers[br]Siobhan;):-[


Hey Siobhan,[br]I saw your post and just had to reply - i have never met anyone with the same name as me!!! And im also a 25 year old aussie - how weird ;-)[br]Anyway, have a great trip - by brother did this tour last year and had a absolute ball![br]Seeya, [br]Siobhan.


thats hilarious![br][br]I saw on the forum last post by Siobhan and was confused because my username is Chiffon… then I read your post! So freaky!!! It was quite trendy at my school - there were 3 of us in 2 year levels. [br]Great going to Ireland tho - don’t have to spell it out there. [br]Thanks for the post![br]Cheers


Hello,[br][br]i am doing the 23 day London to Athens camping tour, which is the same tour but i get off at Athens. i am really looking forward to it.[br][br]Cass