Mega European/ britain and ireland - past traveller


Hi All,

I recently did these trips and can try to answer any questions you may have about them. I know this forum really helped me before I left :slight_smile:


Ok winter Britain and Ireland tour…any tips or useful info you can give??


I didn’t do the winter trips, but it was still freezing in August/September.

  • I took 4 pairs of socks and they were always damp from the weather. If I went again I would take more socks.
  • Take some vitamin C tablets because there are always sick people on the trip, and it spreads quickly in the bus
  • I thought the York Ghost tour was pretty crappy and a waste of my time, it was not an actual ghost tour.
  • Loch ness tour was really good, it is a long day in a mini bus but worth the money
  • Try to do washing in Edinburgh so it has drying time, the dryers there didn’t fully dry the clothes either