Mega European August- September 2018


Hey lovelies,

I have booked for the Mega European from 7th August- 24th September 2018. Who else is going on this trip.

Holly :slight_smile:


Hey Gal,

I’m in the process of booking this trip also!

Ash :slight_smile:


Hey gal,

Ohh that’s so exciting. I’m so keen I can’t wait🎊 Have you been on a Topdeck tour before?

Holly x


Heyaaa, no I haven’t !

But it’s all booked as of a few days ago!

Have you? This will be my first big overseas trip, alone :scream: :heart_eyes_cat:


Nice to see this , for getting more information for flights …


Hey Holly,
I just booked the Road to Athens the other day, which is a part of this trip but I will finished in Athens.
I am traveling solo for the first time :slight_smile: