Mega European August 30th!


Anyone doing the Mega European staring on August 30th?

I will be arriving at the hostel 3 days earlier and hoping to do a little bit of exploration in London. It would be nice to get to know the people on the tour beforehand as well.


Myself and my Partner are doing the same tour. We’re arrive in London on the 26th and are staying at the C’Link hostel for the few days before the trip departs. We’re doing the Mega European then the Ramses adventure from Cairo from the 18th. :slight_smile:



I’ve got a week in London before the tour.

There are a few others staying at the clink hostel before we head off.

It should be a good trip.


Hi guys!!
will be at the Clink from the 25th!!
Very excited for the trip and to meet everyone…
who knows things to do in london before the trip!!
i want to do somethings and hopefully others will too and we can do them together!!


I’m doing 30th August Mega European :slight_smile: . I’m travelling alone and staying at the Clink for two nights beforehand (shared dorm room).

I’m also doing the Celtic Trail (Belfast to London) before the Mega European which should be exciting. :slight_smile:

I look forward to meeting you all!

@cherrychikk, I’d love to explore London.


Sounds like everyone is ready to get the party started!

Do you guys have any ideas what you want to see in London? I am down for whatever adventure comes our way.


Hey Everyone!!

I will be on this trip as well, I will be arriving in London a day early, but my flight gets in really early in the morning! Maybe we could all get together and do something fun the day before…Im sure more people from our trip will be there as well. We would all go somewhere fun to explore and “break the ice” a little. I am extremely excited to meet everyone! Does anyone know how many people are scheduled for our tour?


ohh for whoever wants to chat more about the trip and meeting up to explore do you have faceboook if so we should talk more there :slight_smile:
my name is Olivia Burmester!!

@brodemarwhen i booked about a month ago there were only 5 spots left so i pressume that it will be a full house !!

@canuckleheadsomeone told me that the wax museum was somewhere in London and i would LOOOVE to go there so maybe that could be something fun to do :slight_smile:


I created a facebook group for us. Just go there and join: