Mega European August 23 - October 10 2016


Hi guys,

I know it is ages away but I have booked this Mega European tour! Anyone else looking into this yet?? Travelling solo :slight_smile:


Ivy booked mine except in June to mid August! So excited!


Oh how exciting, I dont think many people will be booking this just yet as its still quite far away…

Do you know much about booking the optional extras? Do we organize and pay prior with a travel agent or do we pay whilst we are on the trip??


I got an amazing deal on price if I booked now.
I’m not sure, I have read that you do it like on the day or the day before? I wouldn’t book it with the travel agent incase it’s not available when we are there.


Hi I’m looking at booking around this time is there a fair crew on this tour?


Hey, yeah few people are on it, they’ve been talking on the tourradar app though!


Thanks Amanda that app is gold hopefully see u in there