Mega European August 2011


Hey there!

Is anyone else out there going on the Mega European in August? I’m all booked, paid and ready to go!! ;D


hey there,

could be going on this trip same time as you or earlier. not 100% sure due to work. Do you have facebook, could chat there.



Yeah, me and a mate are going. departing 2 Aug 2011.


Then straight after the tour. Off to Munich for Oktoberfest ;D


Hey Andy, I’m all book for the 16th August departure, let me know if you are doing this too.

I’m on facebook, just search for Rebecca Slade from Roxburgh and you should find me.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Bec ;D


Hey Bec,

I cant find you, must be having a moment. Andrew Porritt is mine.


I can’t find you either! I did find an Andrew Porritt in NZ with a profile photo of superheroes?

Just booked the Clink as well, can’t wait!! ;D


LOL yeah that’s him Gembeck :slight_smile:


Hey im booked in for the 16th!! Not long to go now!!!