Mega european aug 28 2012


Hey guys! I’m Candace! I’m going on the Mega European tour on August 28th this year! I was wondering if there is anyone else out there planning on going on the same tour! :slight_smile:


Hi Candace,

My name is Carmen from Australia, great to see some more people booking on this tour. There are a couple of us Aussies - travelling solo - booked on this trip also. I am due in London early August and depart on the Britain & Ireland tour on 12 August, then do the tour you mentioned right after on 28 August.

What is your plans?

It would be great to keep in touch in the lead up to the trip to share ideas if you are interested? I am a little nervous about travelling solo but at the same time I am so excited. For a while there it seemed like no one else was booked on the same tour and going over earlier than I am. I have travelled a little but not on my own and certainly not to this part of the world.

Great to receive your post. Talk soon…



Hi All,

I am also booked on this trip!
Like Carmen, I am also travelling solo and from Australia.
At this stage, I’m coming up to London the day before the tour and then going back to family in south England the day after to tour ends but am pretty flexible as will be in England for approx 3-4 months!




I’m Alyssia (or Lyss to most) from Auckland, New Zealand.

I am booked on the first part of this trip with my friend.
We are doing the Bosphorus Adventrue which starts in London and ends in Istanbul for us.

My friend and I are travelling through Germany, Amsterdam and London on our own before the tour arriving in London on the 22nd August.
We have a few friends living in London and family too.

Great to hear that there are other we will be travelling with.
Would be great to keep in touch with you all before we being travelling.

Hear from you soon