Mega European Aug 21st


Hey :slight_smile: I was hoping to make contact with anyone going on this trip as I will be travelling solo and and incredibly excited but a little nervous too!

I’m from Melbourne and can’t wait to sky dive over the Swiss Alps! This is my first trip to Europe and my first trip overseas since I was about 9.

So would love to hear from anyone coming :wink: Alisha


Hey Alisha, i have just book mine for the 21st and also will be travelling solo, kind of good to hear I’m not the only one.


YAY!!! Good to hear and look forward to meeting you!


yes as do i.


Hey guys…i am also travelling alone. i’m on the classic Europe, part of this tour and will be joining from Paris. Glad to find other solo travelers!! :slight_smile: @alisha+1 to sky dive over the Alps. :wink: