Mega European Aug 17th


Hey is anyone on this trip? im beginning to believe im the only person going lol!![br][br]Aug 17th 2008


Hi Jannine![br][br]yes i’m on the Mega European trip on Aug 17, so at least there will be the two of us lol! [br][br]


Yay!!! well there will be 3 of us because i found a guy on facebook :)[br][br]Aug 17th 2008


Thats great news - it will be a regular party with 3![br][br]I’m joining the tour in Paris, so it will be great to meet you then.[br][br]Is this your first trip to Europe?


Yeah, this is my first time abroad anywhere so im really excited!!! I thought i have waited this long to travel so i may as well jump in the deep end lol [br]Where are you from? When do you meet us in Paris, is it still on the 17th? I suppose its in the afternoon. [br][br];D[br][br]Aug 17th 2008


I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Where abouts in the UK are you from? [br][br]I’ve done a little travel, but this is my first big trip solo so i’m very excited as well! [br][br]I’m meeting the tour at the campsite in the late afternoon on the 17th, just before our welcome dinner. So look out for the late arrival - that will be me![br][br]Are you doing more travel after the tour?


Im from Exeter in Devon. (its a county in the south west ) so we have the best of everything beaches, moorland etc.[br][br]Thats 3 Aussies now and me lol. Im glad so far we’re all going solo i thought i would be the only one on my [br][br]Im not planning on traveling right after the tour but my sister and i wanna do a simailar thing as topdeck but with another company across america next year.[br][br]Are you planning on continuing travelling right after? Where abouts? [br][br][br]Aug 17th 2008


Hi, [br][br]My Bf and I are also going on this trip… Very excited!! Are you staying at the globe trotters inn beforehand??[br][br];D


HI,[br]No im not staying at the globetrotter i only live a few hours away so im gunna drive up through the night to get outside for about 5.30am eek!! [br]Where are you and your bf from?[br][br]Aug 17th 2008


We are both from Auckland in New Zealand… I have never been to UK or Europe so big trip! We are staying with family who live in Stanstead (I think??) before the trip, and then at the globetrotters. gosh that will be an early start for you that morning… poor thing!


bump[br][br]Aug 17th 2008


I just got back from the 2nd half of the Mega, Athens to London. I’m so jealous, you guys are going to have an amazing time. Camping was so much fun and the people and crew were incredible. The only thing I regret is not having done the full 47 days. if you have any questions, just let me know!