Mega European April 2007


Hi Everyone,[br][br]Im looking to do the Mega Eurpean in April next year and Im wanting to know if anyone else intends on doing the same? I am travelling alone so it would be great to know some people before hand.[br][br]Cheers,[br]Sara


hey i went on the mega european 18th august it was the most amazing 7 weeks in my whole life… i tried to get in contact with people on the tour too but no one posted a comment. u know you will be on tour with people doing london to rome, london to athens, london to istanbul, then rome to london, athens to london and istanbul to london, so you meet lots of new people and it doesnt get boring (ur not with the same people for 7 weeks) you will have a blast TOPDECK is sooo much better than contiki and your tour leaders will make your trip an experience of a life time!! anyone thinking of going on this tour its money well spent… the food is amazing too.[br][br]Rahni


Hi Rahni,[br][br]Thanks heaps for your reply ! It’s so good to hear from someone who has been on the trip, better still that you had such a great time. Very reassuring. [br][br]Cheers,[br]Sara


Hi Sara,[br][br]I was planning on doing Mega European as well but haven’t set down an official date. Was contemplating either April or May sessions, just waiting on confirmation on dates (with studies) as it may collide with each other. But I’m leaning towards April, will let you know though. I’m trying to finalise things by the end of next month.[br][br]Where about are you from? I was looking for the costs for optional excursions but couldn’t see it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?[br][br]Maggie.[br][br]


Hi Maggie,[br][br]I booked my trip last Friday, so im now $5000 in debt but very VERY pumped about this trip! Im from Geelong, Victoria. Im studying arts/law and I too had difficulty confirming dates because of my studies. Depending on your university, you might be able to negotiate to sit your exams earlier or submit alternative forms of assessmemt which will mean you can leave on the earlier trip if thats what you were wanting to do. For example, instead of sitting exams in June, I am writing 3 extra essays so I will be finished by the end of March. Just an idea![br][br]I think I have seen the cost for optional excursions somewhere, but can’t remember where. Will let you know if I find them. Good-luck sorting things out otherwise.[br][br]Cheers,[br]Sara.[br][br]p.s where abouts are you from? what are you studying?[br][br][br]


I am from Geelong too ! I am looking at doing the Mega European or Rome to London. Dunno whether I can afford to do the whole lot! It is tempting to do the whole lot though…


Hey Ryan,[br][br]how coincidental! Are you at uni? Or working? Go the whole mega European! Mortgage the house, get a second job or rob a bank, cos its going to be unreal! Haha, can you tell im excited? [br][br]Cheers,[br]Sara


P.S I just added you to messenger, hope thats ok.[br][br]


yeh thats fine. I am actually working over here in the uk, but i havent been over to europe yet, so i am really keen to have a look around in april. If someone has done this tour before, could they let me know how much spending money i should expect to take?[br][br]I am guess the eastern european countries would be a fair bit cheaoer compared to the western ones?[br][br]


Hi Ryan,[br][br]Just as an outline we usually suggest ?50 per day for Western Europe and about ?30 per day for Eastern Europe. It really depends on what you would like to spend your money on and how much of a shopper you are! On this trip a lot of your meals are included so your really only buying the odd meal every now and then, drinks as you travel around and souvenirs for the family. [br][br]I hope this helps![br][br]Sarah (Topdeck Reservations London)


Hi Sara,[br][br]LOL don’t worry if I go ahead with this I’m going to be in debt too.[br]I’m from Sydney, Liverpool area. I’m planning on doing Uni-Prep Course next year for the 2nd semester but I think it starts in June, so that may be an issue, I’ll ring up this week and find out. [br][br]I work in a law firm now actually! I’m a paralegal! I do mainly conveyancing. what’s your msn? How old are you btw?


Hi again![br][br]Well, I finally paid off the remainder of my tour so I am now debt free but very poor lol. Thats really cool that you work as a paralegal. Though, I dont envy you the conveyancing. I just finished land/property law and it was hell! My msn address is and I am 20 years old. Hope all went well with the uni. Look forward to hearing from you soon.[br][br]Cheers,[br]Sara[br]