MEGA European! 9th July!


Hi Everyone!!
Im super pumped about going on the Mega in July!! Would be awesome to know who else is going!
Im a little nervous bout solo traveling but am just soooo excited!

Sarah ;D


Hey Sarah!

I’ll be on that tour too, looking forward to it!!

Haha dont be nervous! :wink: I’ll be by myself too for this tour and then im off on the Iberian Coast tour straight after for another couple of weeks. Your gonna love it, haha to be honest i really enjoy travelling around on my own, your always going to meet new exciting people on you travels!!
So your from New Zealand, i lived there for a year back in 09 down in queenstown…
Love new zealand.
When are you flying into london?


Hi Tia! oooh yay, have you done quite a bit of traveling? Oh queenstown is awesome! im studying in dunedin so have been over there a bit! fergburger?? delicious!
uh flying into london on the 5th july
What about you?


Mmmmmmmm omg love FERGBURGER!! That I miss… :’( cool, dunedin - did a few trips down there, wat r u studying? I’ve done a bit of travelling, nz, ireland, scotland, england, cuba a few times, mexico, singapore and thailand, but there is still so much more to see!! i think i would travel forever if i could! :wink:

I havent booked my flight yet, should be doing that this week but i probably will fly in on the 6th or 7th i think. bit undecided! Got plans for london yet? is this your first trip over??


WOW that is a lot of traveling! Im studying human nutrition, finished this semester so thats awesome! Are you studying? Yup first time to london.
Yay that will be exciting booking your tickets! im staying at the clink which is where i think we get picked up for the trip!


hey im such a slow replier… soooorrryyyyy. haha. mmmm no studying just working, i work for the government in customer service part time and as a self employed massage therapist. I’ll be staying at the clink too on the Monday night before the trip starts. I fly in on the monday morning at ridiculous o’clock… hopefully catch up monday??? is anybody else staying here pre mega euro tour???