Mega European 9th August - 26 September


Hi All,
I have just booked on the Mega European tour starting at the 9th September? I am 23 from NZ and planning on doing this trip. Is anyone else considering doing this tour solo? I would love to get to know a few people prior to the trip :smile:


Hey! I’m planning on doing this trip as well, just have to wait a few more weeks to see if my extra annual leave from work will be approved- fingers crossed! If all goes to plan with work, I will be doing this tour solo as well :smile: I’m 26 from Aus! Are you planning on hanging around London for a bit before and after the tour?


Aw awesome :slight_smile: I will be spending some time in Germany then will be in London a few days before and about 4 days after I think before another like 3 weeks travelling around… maybe Spain :slight_smile: What are your plans?


Hey I am doing the 9th of August tour too! Well the ‘classic Europe’ tour which is the same, we travel together but some of us finish in Rome. I’m from NZ living on the Sunshine Coast in Australia as of this year, where in NZ are you from :smile: Can’t wait for this trip… Even if it is a year away :smiley:


Hi I booked this tour yesterday and I am so excited. I am travelling solo as well and I am 31 and from NZ. I am just wondering where everyone is staying before and after the tour I plan to be in London 2 days before the tour and about 4 days after.


Yay!! How exciting! I will be floating around London a little bit before and after. Not 100% sure on my plans but I am around Europe for 2-3 weeks before and after the trip :smiley:


Awesome!! I am from Invercargill originally but now live in Christchurch - I have been here for the past 6 years :smile:


Oh awesome :slight_smile: some of us should meet up before the trip so we can all get to know each other. I’m not 100% sure on my plans yet but I will be in London a couple of days before it starts I thought about flying into Paris because it’s cheaper than flying into London stay there for a few days and meet everyone in London :slight_smile:


Maybe we could all meet up the day before the trip starts and do a little sightseeing together or something. I am still in the process of booking my flights and everything else but I know I should be arriving on the 7th sometime :blush: and I am from Dunedin


That sounds like a great idea :). I should be in London a couple of days prior to the trip :D. If you are interest I will be looking into booking a few extra like a trip up the Eiffel tower and to Ann Franks house etc. My understanding is that these full up peak season. Would anyone else be interested booking sometime after the new year?


My annual leave got approved and the trip is booked, yay! I’m thinking i’ll fly into London on 6th August so if anyone else is around at that time i’d love to have some sightseeing buddies! I’m not going to book flights for a little while, i think i’ll just wait until some good flight deals come up. Has anyone else booked accomodation for before the tour starts? I thought it would be easier to book Wombats Hostel as obviously that’s where the pick up is, but their website doesn’t show any availability…
I don’t have to fly back home until either Fri 30th Sept or Sat 1st October so i’m thinking i might go to Positano or Cinque Terre for a few days after the trip finishes.
Very excited to meet everyone!


I am landing in London on the 7th and plan to do the hop on and off bus hopefully on the 8th before we leave on the 9th. My travel agent has told me that top deck haven’t released their hostel accommodation yet which will be why wombats isn’t showing any accommodation at the moment but once it is released I should have no problems getting booked in there. I would love to catch up on the 8th if you are around :grinning:


Yeah absolutely, Id be up for the hop on hop off bus! I just got an email back from Wombats coz I thought it was weird it was not showing any availability… And yup they said they only release accom 6 months prior :smile:
We should create a facebook group for this tour maybe a little closer to the date…


I’m keen for site seeing buddies to. I am hoping to be in London for 2-3 days min prior to the tour. I will stay at Wombatz the night before as well :). So exciting!! A facebook group sounds fantastic! Easy way to keep in touch with everyone! :smiley:


Hi everyone I’m Ebony just booked the mega trip today for the 9th of August. I’m arriving London on the 6th 2 days prior to the tour and staying at Wombats until the trip begins. I am 20 years old from Melbourne Australia so excited to chat with you all.


Just letting you all know there is an app called ’ tour radar’ that you can select our trip on and everyone who is going can join and we can all chat on that :smiley:


That’s awesome! I’m from Melbourne too :smile:
Looking forward to meeting you! I’ll definitely check out that app.


That’s so awesome was hoping someone from Melb would be on the trip. There are cheap flights with the airline Royal Brunei that are 1300 return if you were waiting to book flights that’s who I am going to fly with:)


Yay another person going on our tour, the way that we are going we are all going to know each other before the tour even starts :blush:


Yeah I did see those flights on Skyscanner, SO cheap compared to all the other flights at the moment! I’ll probably end up booking flights in Jan! I’m sure there will end up being a few more ppl going from Melbourne too! :smile: