Mega European 7th June - 25th July


Hey Guys,

I am booked on the Mega European 7th June. It’s getting close now and i’m soo excited! I’m staying at the clink a few days before hand so if anyone wants to meet up let me know! ;D


Hey Cal,

I’m booked on the same trip for the same dates :slight_smile: I’m staying at the Clink the night before departure so will be good to see a friendly face :smiley:


Hey Sheena,

That’s awesome :slight_smile: do you have facebook? i have found 3 others there on our trip :smiley: so excited


Hey Cal and Sheena,

I’m on this tour as well staying at the Clink from the 4th June :smiley:
It’s so close I can’t wait!


Yay :slight_smile: Stoked that I am going to meet people before the tour starts. Just quietly… I’m SOOOOO nervous!! haha This is the first time I have ever travelled overseas so here’s to hoping it will be a blast :slight_smile:

Yeah Cal, I have facebook but you probably won’t be able to find me… What’s your last name and i’ll add ya :slight_smile:
Do you have Facebook Patrick?


Hi Guys!

Im guessing I will be on your tour also - Im on the Road to Athens tour but they join it onto ur guys MEGA tour :slight_smile:
Sheena its the first time I have travelled too! Nervous aswell - but super excited!!
I will be at Clink sat 4th June until we start our tour.
Gonna be awesome!!

From Dee


I’m soo excited :smiley: My brother and I are both on the trip!
Sheena My profile name is Callum Larkman.

Dee I’ll be at the clink from the 5th June!! ;D


Hey everyone

I am also going on this tour and staying at the clink the night before! Would love to catch up with all of you.
Super excited! 3 weeks! :slight_smile:



I’m also already in London so if anyone wants to meet up when you’s get here before the tour that would be great :slight_smile:


Hey Arra, that’s exciting that you are already in London. Defs will want to meet up with ppl before tour. :slight_smile: Do you have Facebook?


Yes I do but you cant search me, whats ur name and I will add you :slight_smile:


Mine is Callum Larkman, I
should be the only 1 :slight_smile:


Whoops been a bit since I checked this thread, Sheena you can try searching me on facebook my name’s Patrick Conroy, but there’s like a bajillion of us XD try searching my email address :slight_smile:

It’s my first time overseas as well, so stoked and scared :S Are you guys traveling solo?


only 14 days now till i arrive :smiley: i’m excited!!!


Hey there guys.

Me and my mate Ren are booked on this tour too. We’ll b in London from the 5th at staying at Clink on the 6th. Not long to go now…
Cant wait to meet u guys and see europe!!!


I found you Pat =P

Yay guys, I have been in England seeing family but am staying at the clink the night before we depart so we should all get together and have a pre drink to kick off the tour =P hehe BTW I am terrible at remembering faces and names so please don’t hate me for getting anyone mixed up =S hehe

See you all soon xx


Hey Matt, Thats cool do you and Ren have facebook? Mine is Callum Larkman :slight_smile:

Sheena I think that sounds like a very good plan for pre drinks! I think everyone will be in the same boat about faces & names :slight_smile: Especially to begin with. We will all know each other by then end of the 49 days!!! :smiley:

I will also being seeing everyone soon, 10 days till I’m there now :smiley:


10 days til I leave too :smiley: SO PUUUUMED, Drinks the night before sounds amazing.
I’m pretty sure the clink has a bar, but it wouldn’t be difficult to find a nice one close somewhere.
I guess we shouldn’t have too big a night because we have to get up at like 6 the next morning :S
See you there guys :smiley:


Hello there i’m Younis.

I work at the Clink78. we have a bar open from 7 to 2am and our happy hour is between 7 til 8pm. We will have quizz night on Monday the 6th of June, it’s lot of fun and you will meet loads of people going on topdeck tour.
we have the cheapest drinks in the area. :slight_smile:
I hope you will enjoy your stay with us. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Hey Cal, definitely try finding/adding me, Matt Greenwood, but i think theres a few of us… mine says my hometown is Okains Bay, Nz. Actually … might b easier if i find u.

Sheena, Patrick, I’ll b keen for pre drinks and maybe even a quiz if I get there in time.

I’m just a little nervous about that whole volcano ash cloud thing… im not leaving NZ until friday week so hopefully its settled down by then :S