Mega european 7th aug 2012 & britain ireland


Hi Everyone!!!

My name is Danielle, im 25 and im travelling solo…

Is anyone else doing the Mega Europe 7th Aug?

I am also doing Britain & Ireland on 22nd July?



My name is Bronwyn, I will be 24 and also travelling solo… So excited to be doing Mega Europe 7th August! :slight_smile:
Where are you travelling from?


Hey Bronwyn,

I will be leaving from perth WA. What about you?
Can’t wait for the tour, just got to make some more spending money!



My name is Kirsten, I’m also doing the mega Europe 7th of August solo!!
Super excited & can’t wait for the tour :slight_smile:


Hi Kristen

Where abouts in Perth do you live? Are you heading home after the tour or hanging around Europe?


Hey Danielle,
Sorry it’s taken ages to reply.
I have recently moved to Perth from Kalgoorlie, and am living in South Perth at the mo, how bout yourself?
I am spending a week in London with friends after we finish the tour, before heading back to Perth.
Can’t wait it’s going to be fab!


Hey Bronwyn,
Where abouts in NZ are you from?
I’m a Kiwi too :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


hey Kristen,

I live in north perth near Joondalup, also staying in europe for 20 days so heading straight to germany for oktoberfest!!! Whats really funny is i’m also a kiwi!!! haha born in Auckland grew up in Tauranga! small world!


Hey Danielle,
Wow crazy your a kiwi too, thats awesome, I wonder how many of us there will be on the tour lol! I grew up in Gizzy/Rotorua, it is such a small world! I am planning on going to oktoberfest as well with friends I have in London, it’s Going to be a fantastic few months I cannot wait! When do you leave Perth for UK?


yeah very small world, leave on the 20th July, what about u?


Iamdoing Britain Ireland first then mega


I am leaving 18th of July :slight_smile: only 70 days to go. I have a few friends in London I am going to visit & catch up with before I start the mega!


Hey guys! Sorry for taking so long to get back - turns out i even forgot my log in details so created a new account… :slight_smile:
Currently I’m living in Auckland, but will be flying out from Wellington on 23rd July :slight_smile: Going to LA for a few days and then Holland for a week prior to starting the tour!!! So excited! :slight_smile:
Then, after tour, heading to Cape town for another tour for a couple of months through Africa…