Mega European (7 June) & Eastern adventure Egypt (26 June) 2016


Hello fellow travellers!

Just looking to chat with others on this trip - I believe the Eastern adventure joins the Mega European - I start the Eastern adventure on 26 June and am keen to chat and meet some of you before we hit the road!

excited :sunglasses: :smile_cat:


Hey Laura

I’m Keely, ill be doing the Eastern Explore which joins this tour (Mega European 7th June and eastern adventure) in Istanbul on 5th July. Super excited to meet everyone. Hopefully keen to go out for drinks and meet up when in Istanbul, since everyone is there for a few days. My friend and i will be travelling together and fly in on 2nd July.
Where are you from?


Hey Keely!

Awesome! I’m from NZ, what about you and your friend?
Looking forward to the tour and meeting everyone!


Oh awesome, whereabouts in NZ? We are from Sydney, Australia. Also we are 19/20 years old. Yeah can’t wait to meet everyone, i feel like this tour will be heaps unique and fun. Are you travelling solo?


North Island - Waikato :slight_smile:
Same! I’m really looking forward to seeing Egypt, which is just before we go to Istanbul.
Yup traveling solo :sunglasses:


Hey guys! My friend and I are on this mega tour, both from NZ. We are doing the Greek sailing instead of Egypt but guessing it may still link up the same?
Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Awesome! Where in NZ?
The Greek Sailing also looked like a great option!


Near Christchurch in the South Island :blush:
Are you going to bring London before the tour starts?


hi everyone
I’m doing the imperial trail egypt which finishes in london on 15th of August. Its part of the mega european. Are any of you doing this tour?!


Oh neat! And na not till when the tour finishes. I fly directly to Athens


I’m on an earlier tour- start dates are in forum heading for my tour which links in with the mega European. Hope you find others to link in with for your tour!