Mega European 7/5/2013


Hey all,

My girlfriend and I have finally book our Mega European for the 7/5/2013. Just wanting to know who else is going on this tour? I’m keen to start chatting about it and getting excited!


hey guys

I will be, but I won’t be meeting up with you until you’re in Istanbul on the 4th of June. I am doing the Eastern Explore tour which is just the last 21 days of the Mega European.
I’m travelling by myself, so I am looking forward to meeting you guys! Have you travelled over to Europe before?


No we have never been to Europe. This will be my first time out of Australia. Bianca has done a bit of travelling around Oz and over to Thailand. Where are you from Jess?


I’m from Melbourne, yourself?
Are you going to be doing any more travel around europe or just the tour?


We are on the Gold Coast. We are doing 2 weeks in UK and Ireland as well as a few days in Singapore. Then it will be back to work.


Hey guys,

I’ve just booked this tour. Will most likely do a week or so of UK/Eire beforehand, and then will see what happens afterwards.

Not excited at all.

See you in a few months.



Hi there,

My boyfriend and I are also doing the mega european on 7/5/2013. We are arriving in England at the beginning of March and have a couple of months there before the tour :slight_smile:

Where is everyone travelling from?


How can you not be excited Tom?!
We are travelling from Brisbane.


It appears it is difficult to subtly express sarcasm through text haha.

I am indeed as excited as a six-year-old on Xmas eve.


What sort of clothes are you guys packing? How cold do you think it will be?


Me and my best friend are also going on this trip! counting down and saving the rest of our spending money while we wait. Also spending 4 weeks in the UK after the tour ;D


Hey! I’m also booking on to the Eastern Explore leaving from Istanbul on 4th June. So excited, it’ll be my 2nd Topdeck tour. I’ll be traveling by myself so can’t wait to meet everyone!


Hey all,
I’m doing the first leg of this one then off to explore some more on my own.
As I’m doing this tour on my own am very keen to get to know a few others I will be traveling with.
So excited chose not to do the full tour for many reasons but am joining a bus about tour in Istanbul to explore turkey after leaving you all in Rome and a few weeks heading back to London and the uk before heading home. I don’t know if anyone else has had the same issue but my trip seems to have a life of its own what I thought would be a six week adventure has grown to 9 so far hoping I can leave it at that without missing too much.