Mega European 5 June 2012 to 23 July 2012


Hi All

I am booked on the Mega European Tour departing on 5.6.2012. I am very excited but also nervous as a ‘single’ traveller. Has anyone else booked this tour yet? Would love to meet some people before London…




I’m Sean just booked today, going solo. First time Ive really traveled so bit nervous. Hope to meet a few people before I go.


I’m booked on this tour!! also going solo, cannot wait its going to be AMAZING! :slight_smile:
Are you guys staying at the clink before hand?



Where abouts do you guys live? I am in the Brisbane area, if you are close by we could catch up before the tour??

I am joining the tour in Paris on Day 2… Wanted to spend some time in Paris before the tour so it was easiest for me to simply join in on the 2nd day…

I am also doing an Egypt tour after this one, anyone else travelling else where after the tour?


I’m get into London a couple of days before we go I’m trying to stay at the back packers we leave from but my travel agent hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

I live in South Bank Brisbane if any of you guys are around there.


I’m in New Zealand haha so I wont b able 2 catch up with u guys before the tour!
Kate I’ve got a couple of weeks free after the tour not 2 sure what i’m going 2 do yet though haha.
Sean I’m staying at the clink backpackers that we leave from for a week before the tour. Hopefully ur travel agent gets back 2 u soon!!

Do u guys have facebook??



hey people sing up to topdecks face book page they are pretty good I’m joing on this trip I’ll be at the hostel night before we leave and I’m also traveling solo and live in brissy would love to meet up with poeple who are going on this trip I live in the toowong area so I’m always open for a catch up so I know some people i’ll be traveling with


Look us up on Face Book if you want. Sean Power I’m the guy holding the Cray fish.