Mega european 49days 10 may 2011


Hey Guys
Just want to know who is comming on the tour with us.

Thanks Anthony ;D


I’ll be going, and I happen to know it’s an awesome trip too! I’ll be meeting everyone in Calais - see you there, I can’t wait! :wink:


Hey Mark
Do u have face book so we can talk. I need to find a place to stay in london b4 the tour :wink:


hi guys,
I’m on this tour as well can you please send me your face book address so I can talk to you about the tour!!
I’m so excited!!! are you guys on your own??



I’m on the tour too, as well a a couple of others i met on the topdeck facebook page :slight_smile:


Sorry for the slow reply Anthony - The Clink in London is pretty good I believe, but I usually stay with family when I’m in London so don’t have to book accommodation…sorry I can’t be more help!