Mega European- 3rd August


Hey :slight_smile: [br][br]Just wondering if anyone is going on the Mega European on the 3rd of August? [br][br]I cant wait!!! ;D[br][br]Mel[br][br]Mel from Queensland, Australia


Hi mel im going on this trip…:slight_smile: Im from Sydney leaving tomorrow night actually :-)ive been soooooo excited this past week!![br]Hayley


Hey, Thanks for the reply :), ive been in london working for the past 2 months-ish…!!! Yeah, i so cannot wait, it will be awesome! stoked that i now can say i know someone whos going on the tour…well, know you only from the forum :slight_smile: Ill probably be heading home after the trip…[br][br]Tis very exciting…cant believe how many places we will see!!! YAY!!![br][br]Mel from Queensland, Australia


lol yea its definetly going to be a whirlwind of a trip!! I think maybe i should have taken an extra week off work so i can catch up on sleep after the tour. So have you done any other trips whilst over in London at all?


Yeah, i think a week off sounds like a great idea…just so your not completely nackered for work afterwards. Since ive been to London, ive only been to Barcelona, and obviously we’re going there in our trip…so thats cool. Barcelona is real nice, reminded me of Gold Coast Weather which was great :slight_smile: London hasnt got the best weather, thats for sure!!! Are you going straight back home after the trip???[br][br]Mel from Queensland, Australia


Yea unfortunately im in London for 2 days after our trip ends, then back to Sydney. I wasnt expecting London weather to be the best,…even though i arrived today and its a gorgeous warm sunny day which i have been assured is very rare but i guess il soak it up while i can :-)6 days till we are off woohoo!!!


hi, just thought I would say hello. I’m on the tour too but finishing in Rome. So are you both staying at the globetrotter before the trip? [br]anna


:slight_smile: Not long to go now!!! :slight_smile: Tis exciting…HOWEVER…the whole camping thing is starting to worry me now, hehe…god knows how im going to go…haha…Money is always an issue too >:( Its awesome that most meals are provided…that should definitely help :slight_smile: London weather is pretty good at the moment (never thought i would say that) :slight_smile: definitely soak it up ;D YAY!!! NOT LONG NOW GUYS!!![br][br]Mel from Queensland, Australia


Hey all,[br][br]Looking forward to seeing you all bright and early Sunday morning. Your cook and I are just chilling in Berlin at the moment, and are looking forward to meeting you all !!![br][br]Don’t worry about the camping, you’ll get the hang of it all !!![br][br]Enjoy the count-down… not long to go now!!![br][br]Heinz[br](your TL)


Hey Heinz :slight_smile: and everyone :)[br][br]Cant wait to meet everyone as well!! Well, im glad ive had some reassurance about the camping ;D i feel much better now and am SO EXCITED!!! :)[br][br]See ya’s on Sunday morning!!! ;D[br][br][br][br]Mel from Queensland, Australia


Hey everyone…i have to admit i was starting to worry a bit myself about the camping bit lol. Hey anna yes im staying at the globetrotter at the moment…what about yourself?


hello, i’ll be at the globetrotter saturday night, lets meet up for some pre trip drinks in the bar!! Hope your enjoying the uk sunshine…let me tell you its very rare!! Look forward to meeting you guys,[br]Anna


pre-trip drinks sounds great!! Im loving this sunshine…I have to admit but London was one place i didnt expect to be sunburnt lol.