Mega European 31st July


I’m a solo traveller on this tour, never been to Europe and seeing if there is anyone else on this tour and what they’re expecting?


im going on this trip ;D


Hi there… another solo traveller here too… Im happy there are other people doing it alone. Im not sure what to expect with the tour but have a completely open mind and cant wait to see some of the world! :slight_smile:


awesome buddys i will make a group on facebook called (mega european tour 31st july) easy to chat and get ideas.


Hi Guys,

hows it going?? not too long to go now. cant wait!!
Have you booked accommodation before & after the tour? I haven’t yet and I’m not sure where to stay? I was thinking the Clink where the tour starts but the reviews are not that great.

What’s happening with the Facebook page so we can chat?


yeah i made a fb group called( mega european tour 31st july) type that in ur fb seach and it should come up :slight_smile:


yeah i booked in at clink before tour and after