Hey everyone, i’m heading off on the 31st of August for the Mega European, just wondering if theres anyone out there joining me?? Cant wait its going to be awesome.[br]Let me know if your coming!![br]PARTY TIME!!;D;D


Hey!! I’m going to be joining you on this trip with a friend. Should be pretty good!!


Hey fantastic to here from somebody, i was starting to think no-one was going to reply!! If your out there and coming let us know. I kinda want to have some idea about who i’m going to spend 6 weeks with. Bit nervous thats all. If anyone out there has advice for me please feel free to share with me, i need all the advice i can get!![br]I’m for adelaide so were pretty calm, cool and collected down here, nothing exiting happens much!


Hey,[br]I’m on the trip yay! also have 4 friends coming too, but they’re all couples, so I feel like I’m going on my own. I’m from Melb. So excited, I just can’t wait. I leave 8 in weeks. I’ll be at the globetrotter from the 26th, so if your heading over early your more than welcome to join up with us.[br]I’m so nervous, but at least we’re going[br]Kat


Hey![br][br]I will be joining you guys on this tour ? with a friend from NZ. I can hardly wait![br][br]Anyone staying in London before the trip?


Hey Everyone,[br][br]I’m doing the first 14 days of this trip then drop off in Rome. Will be staying at the Globetrotter the night before the trip.[br][br]I think some of you are on my other post that’s going!! Getting really excited now only 6 weeks to go…see you all soon.[br][br]S:)[br][br]


hey only 7 weeks to go.[br]i’m not excited yet i’m sooo nervous.[br]i’m coming all on my ownnot knowing anyone so i’m very scared.[br]i get to london on the 29th and am staying at globetrotters till we leave on our magical bus ride.[br]hopefully will meet u all there before hand.[br]xoxox[br] c u guys soon.[br]