Mega European 30th May - 17th July 2017


Hey Guys,
I’m super excited to be doing the 49 day tour (Mega European)! Although I’m 22, it’s my first time travelling to Europe, and travelling alone! Would definitely love to meet some people who are doing the same tour!
Or if you have any tips and sneaky tricks to help me survive please let me know :stuck_out_tongue: !!!


Hey I’m doing the same tour but I start in June 13
A few of us girls are going to get a bag that has wheels as some people said it’s more helpful with stairs etc… we have estimated around 50-60 euro a day is enough from what other friends have said too…


Hi there! I’ve also just booked this Mega european tour for the 30th May! Super excited! I’m 23 from Australia. Are you doing Greece or Egypt option? And when do you arrive in London? Look forward to meeting you!


Hey Char!
I’m super excited as well! I arrive the day before at about lunch time and will make my way to the hostel were starting at! When do you arrive? And are you leaving straight after the tour?
I’m doing the Greece option! What’re you doing? (I love Egypt but I wanna do it when I can go there and do a longer tour)!
I’m 22 and from a Perth WA where in aus are you from!?


Hey Sarah! Thanks for the reply!
I’ll definitely need to work out a good budget! I hadn’t thought of that! But I certainly have bags with wheels cause I wouldn’t wanna carry it too much with the amount of stuff I have :joy:


I am doing this tour but in July :slight_smile: I did 28 day grand European last year, you are all going to have an amazing time! I had a duffel type bag with wheels which was good to pick up and carry up stairs but I am thinking this time I may even try for a back pack. You are only really carrying it from the coach to hostel but some drop offs can’t be outside your hostel so you may walk a bit to there so each to there own :slight_smile: good luck planning!! Xx


Hey! Sorry for the slow reply!
I arrive the day before around lunchtime too! And will be in London for about a week after the tour, how long do you stay after the tour?
Also doing the greece option! I’m 23 from South Australia


Hey that’s ok!!
Oh that’s awesome are you staying the night at our back packers too? Maybe we can meet at the airport and get there together if you like? :slight_smile:
I’m staying with a friend in Brighton (london) for about two weeks after then going to Switzerland for five days then coming back to Aus! Do you just have the week then you’re coming home?


Hi there :slight_smile: I’m Andrew from Sydney, Australia. I’m also doing the tour starting May 30th but doing the Egypt option one. I arrive in London on Saturday morning so if anyone is around I’m keen to meet up :slight_smile:


Hey! Glad to hear, I want to do Egypt but I want to do it when I can go there for longer!
I land in london on Monday 29 and stay at the place we get picked up on Tuesday when the tour starts, are you staying there? If you like we’re all on the app as well (if you log in there’s a group chat)!


Hey, yea I’m staying at the same hostel too. Oh sweet, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:


Awesome that sounds great! I’ll see you there then :nerd_face:


Hey Guys, Im doing the mega european egypt leaving the 30th of may aswell, Id love to meet some of you when I get to london! I’m 22 from melbourne and travelling by myself :slight_smile: If anyone is around hyde park staying in london before the tour leaves, let me know :slight_smile:


Hey! Awesome can’t wait to meet you! I’m travelling alone as well! From Perth :slight_smile:
I get into london the day before and I’m staying at the hostel where the bus leaves from on the 30th (just thought it be easiest considering it leaves at like 6am!) but I will see you there :heart_eyes:


Could anyone tell me how to join the group chat? I’m clicking on the chat option in the app but a blank screen is coming up only :S


Hey! Since the update they have had issues with the chat / the app they’re currently working on fixing it… so it’s having issues :confused:


Where exactly does the tour leave from? Like where in london? Im staying in hyde park but i dont know exactly where to go to meet the bus


It leaves from wombat city hostel :slight_smile:


Pick Up: Wombats City Hostel London @ 6am
Pick Up: St Christophers Inn Paris - Gare du Nord @ 5pm


Hey everyone/Mona! :smile:, I’m going on this trip alone too and also from Perth!
I’m so nervous!! I’d love to meet up anyone before we go or in London before the trip starts?! I’m there a week before on the 23rd of May

Jade :smile::slight_smile: