Mega European 30th march


hi is anyone doing the mega european trip 30th march?? soooo excited going solo so hope i find someones whos going!! xx


I just replied to your other message then found this one thats our tour date :slight_smile:


Hi Sophie,

I’m going on the Mega European in March! I can’t wait- so excited!!! I know another girl who is going too. We met via the TopDeck Facebook site, added each other then met for coffee and got on like a house on fire. We’re helping each other with everything from packing to UK working Visa’s, so if you have any questions feel free to ask them, and if you haven’t already you should join the tour group on Facebook… here’s the link:

You’re welcome to add me on Facebook too :slight_smile:

Have a good one,


I am doing the Eastern Adventure, which I think joins up with the mega European around day 20 or so. Travelling solo and just trying to work through all the details at the moment…two months or so to go will just fly by!


awesome! the more people the merrier


hey brent,

i have found another guy called scotty doing the same tour as you. if you are on facebook you should click on the link and join the group to find some other people going on your tour and the mega european :slight_smile:!/groups/198412006909959/



hey guys, im nikki :slight_smile: from melbourne australia, i am booked in for the whole 49 day mega european tour, cant wait to spend the dawn service in gallopoli… i too am travelling alone, cant wait to meet you all
do we know how many people are booked in for this trip?
feel free to add me on facebook nikki may mcneilage

c u all soon


Hello everyone,

I’ve booked the 49 day Mega European. Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hey Nikki and Lane :slight_smile:

It’s awesome to see you guys are coming on the tour… the more the merrier!!

I tired to search you on Facebook Nikki but nothing came up so maybe just put a link to your page :slight_smile:

You guys can add me on Facebook too so we can chat before we meet in London. If you have any questions even if they may seem silly just ask, I’m more than happy to help :slight_smile:

Michaela xx