Mega European 30th March


Is anyone doing this trip. My brother and myself are… So excited!!


hi duck boy, i’m doing the london to athens trip, also departing on 30th march. i think i will be on the same bus as the mega european, the itinerary is the same, i will just end my journey in athens. i’m traveling alone, but reading through the discussions, i’m assured i will enjoy meeting new people. the only thing i’m worried about is the climate.I’m a summer person, apparently April is still cold and we will be camping! i’ve been camping in winter in sydney before so i think it wont be too bad. i guess its all part of the adventure. [br][br]i’ll meet you on the bus tim.[br][br]marina


Is anyone else doing this trip, or the london to athens also leaving 30th March. Only 26 days to go!!!


Hi! I will be on this Mega European! I’m sooooo so so so so excited!!! I’m spending an additional 4 weeks in Europe after the tour too![br][br]I’m South African, but I live in the States now. My name is Gaby! I know the bus will be mostly Aussies and Kiwis but that will be fun for me because I don’t know any! Love your accents haha[br][br]Did any of you have trouble getting a Romanian visa? Did you have to apply in person? I am having trouble and if I don’t get it soon (time is running out!) I might have to skip that part of the tour hahaha. I might fly from Bulgaria to Hungary and meet you all there ??


Hiya, I’m gonna be on this tour too. Just can’t wait now.[br][br]Travelling by myself, so a bit edgy bout it, but I know loads travel by themselves, so should be alright.[br][br]It’s gonna be full tho, I was the last one to book on, just can’t wait, it’s gonna be quality.[br][br]I’ll see you all on the bus! [br]


17 more nights till we start our trip! i’m so exited! i’ve already started buying everything i will need for the trip. I’ve already started to fill my 100ml travel bottles with cleansers, shampoo etc. [br]i’m glad that our trip is full, so the more the merrier. i cant wait to meet everyone.