Mega European - 30th March 2011


Hey! Just booked my ticket for his tour!!! ;D
Just wondering who else is out there that’s going to join me???


Hey Meg

I will be joining you!!! I am all booked ready to go.
Are you on Facebook?

Cheers Mike


Yay!!! A kiwi!!! Where abouts are you from??? I’m so excited already! ;D

Yeah on facebook, am on the topdeck page saying pretty much the same thing!!!
Have you done much travelling before???

Meg :slight_smile:



I’m coming too! I’m excited to hear from other people going on that tour, can’t wait!



Im from CHCH - it must be a small world Meg as I was on FB and I saw your post. One of your friends that was on your page I know, Loren H.
Are you originally from CHCH?
Yep done a fair bit of travelling nothing to this extent thou.

Hi to the other Megan as well, where are you based?
Man, this is getting exciting.


It’s gotta be good when there are two megans already on the tour!!! ha!!!

Mike, I know Lauren from “work”!!! ha ha! Which makes me wonder how you know her???

And Megan! where are you from in NZ??? Im originally from the Waikato. This is exciting!!! :slight_smile:


Haha you have got to be kidding! I’m originally from Hamilton- so we have the same name and a waikato link!- but have spent the last few years in Wellington. I’ll have to find you both on facebook too :slight_smile:


Meg, its Loren H from Nelson I know. I did the friend request with you aleady.
Megan look me up Mike Noad and add as a friend if you want.
Be good to know how you guys are getting on with everything, are you staying at the Clink hostel prior to the trip?
My cousin Gemma is coming as well, she is in Wellington. Wont be long we will know everyone on the bus at this rate
Have you guys done much travelling?


Funnliy enough megan I spent the last few years in wellies aswell before i moved to melb!!! :slight_smile:

Mike, yeah Loren and i worked together for a couple of years! Great chick!!!

Sounds like its going to be a fun trip already!!! :slight_smile:


Meg- Wow that’s crazy! Sounds like we have so much in common so will definitely be a fun trip :slight_smile:
Mike- Small world, looks like you know my friend Jared?
I might stay at the Clink for a bit, not sure yet though! When are you guys getting to London?
I haven’t done a lot of travelling yet, this is my first trip on my own. Very excited!


Yep, i know jared - small world alright.
I have got 5 days in Abu Dhabi and Dubai then 2 days in london prior till the tour departs.
Are you guys transiting anywhere or just going direct to london?


Im stopping in Abu Dhabi, just a brief stopover, getting to London the day before. So is it party at the clink day before??? ha ha!

Megan this is my first big trip alone aswell! Can’t wait!!! Am now contemplating staying another week or two and doing a trip around eng/irelnd/scot/wales!!! Might aswell since im going to be there anyways!


I’ve got 3 days in Tahiti and then 9 days in England before the tour, party at the clink the day before sounds fun :slight_smile: I’m planning on maybe working in the UK for awhile afterwards as my return flight’s booked in September!


Wow Megan that sounds great!!! Hmmm maybe I should change my return stopover to somewhere tropical!!! :slight_smile:


Hey Megans, what happened on facebook, i added you as friends but now cant find you. i tried to add you to a group i made up of people on the tour. I am a bit new to FB so hopefully i didnt delete you or anything silly??


Hey mike, yeah i accepted your request, then it keeps coming up again!!! What are you doing? ha ha ha!! I just accepted you again today! atleast weve got this to communicate! :slight_smile:


God knows whats going on, I cant see you as a friend - I cant even see you if I type you name in, whats up with that???
Who are you flying with, are you staying in Abu dhabi or Dubai?


Flying with Etihad, just a short stop over in Abu Dhabi. Paying for my flights this week!!! :slight_smile: Yeah facebook doesnt let me find you either!!! Crazy!!!


Hi everyone,

My partner (Greg) and I are also booked on this tour. Can’t wait! It is going to be so much fun!

I’ll add you all on Facebook if you don’t mind that is?

Merry ;D


hey! Welcome to the group!!! :slight_smile: It’s such an exciting time counting down to the trip!!! Look forward to getting to know you both!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: