Mega European 30 Mar 12


Hi All,

I have booked on the Eastern Explore tour which is a smaller tour in the Mega European tour. We meet up with the tour on day 29 in Istanbul and stay with the tour till the end in London.

I have made a facebook group for the Eastern Explore tour but anyone on the Mega European tour is more than welcome to join and get to know the people you will be meeting along the way.

Eastern Adventure is another smaller tour in the Mega European tour that starts in Athens on day 21 of your tour and ends in London. I have also invited people from this tour to join the group as well.

The link for the group is:!/groups/198412006909959/



Anybody else goning on this tour?


hi scotty i am going as well and also joined the facebook group :slight_smile:


hey guys, im nikki from melbourne australia, i am booked in for the whole 49 day mega european tour, cant wait to spend the dawn service in gallopoli… i too am travelling alone, cant wait to meet you all
do we know how many people are booked in for this trip?
feel free to add me on facebook nikki may mcneilage

c u all soon