Mega European 30 Aug!


Hello im Olivia,
and am going on the tour alone and wanted to know if anyone else has booked to go on here!
Will be going to London a few days before and staying somewhere and would love to meet up with others on the trip!
its gonna be an exciting and fun 7 weeks!!! ;D ;D


Hi olivia

good to hear im not the only one traveling alone. Hopefully more travelers join this forum.

cheers for now B-)


Hi, im doing the bosphorus adventure which is the first half of the mega european trip, which leaves aug 30 so i will be joining u, have either one of u been on a top deck trip before?


Hi Lisa

I haven’t traveled with top deck before, but I’ve had friends who highly recommended them.
Ive traveled New Zealand with contiki, also traveled Fiji and Vanuatu just by winging it.
Thought I would give something different a try.
How about yourself?


Hi John and Lisa,
Great to see that someone replied, i got plenty of views just no replies :slight_smile:
I have not been on any sort of tour trip before, only going overseas with family & friends over the years, so am very excited to be going on Top deck,
Especially going to all the amazing places that this tour goes on!
are either of you staying at the Clink before the trip at all?


Don’t know at the moment. I am staying with a friend out of town for the first few nights. Then I was thinking of moving to the clink the day before we go. Still desiding.


I’ve be looking into the clink. Do yous know which one the tour starts from?


the tour starts from the Clink so thats why im staying there for a few nights before we leave to meet people from the trip and its easier to be able to stay at the place the tour leaves from :slight_smile:


I worked it out. Clink has 2 hostels in London. The 78 and 261.
I asked on the topdeck Facebook page which it was. I got back clink 78 hostel. Number 78 kings cross road London.
I’ll probably try stay a night or 2 before we go.



ill be staying at the hostel the night before as well, im hanging out with friends for the week before we start, but i want to be there where we get picked up. so i will see u both there


Hey Everyone!

I will be joining you all on the trip to Europe! I’m so excited for the trip and I’m looking forward to meeting all of you! I will be staying at the Clink the night before. Maybe while we are there we can all meet up!


For those of you staying at the Clink before, have you booked your room? In looking at their website it looks pretty full and I think all of the single rooms are full.


Ive just booked to stay a Clink for the 28th and 29th.
I didn’t bother with the single room. I’m in a 12 bed dorm.


Hey guys,
I have already booked into a 8-10 bed dorm
i was going to get a single room, but then thought it will be better in a big one so i can meet people, and hopefully meet people going on the tour!
cant wait!!


Hey guys, I’m on a different tour departing about the same time. Great to see there are other people staying at Clink at the same time :slight_smile: I better book it in soon by the sounds, now just to see what room are left. I spoke with the girl who took my booking at top deck and they said if they book your room for you, theyll put you with other topdeck people and will know youre staying there so wont leave with out you


how did u guys book the room at clink, call or over the net? i should be doing that soon


I did my on line

really easy.
you will need a credit card number to leave as sercrity. but they dont charge it.
you pay when you arrive.


Thanks john, im now booked in an 8 dorm room, so ill see u guys there


Not a problem Lisa

I’ve just notice a second forum has started for this trip.


Thanks guys, I am going to go ahead and secure my room today!! Im looking forward to meeting everyone, I know we are all going to have a lot of fun!