Mega European 29th of August


Hey everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone was coming along on either the mega European tour or the London to Istanbul tour that begins on the 29th of August? I would have loved to do the whole tour, but it was a little large for my budget, so I’m just doing the London to Istanbul section, but i would love to meet a few fellow travellers beforehand as i am travelling alone. To all you facebook users, i have created a group to keep in contact and share photos. It is
Thanks, Emily :slight_smile:


Hey Emily,
I’m doing the Mega European leaving on the 29th of August too! Stoked that we’ve now got our own topic thread. I can’t believe how close things are getting, only a month or so now to go! I’m traveling solo as well, but I reckon we’ll have heaps of fun on the tour though. When do you get to London? What are your thoughts about camping?


Hey guys, I am on this tour too. Things are getting so close, now 50days till I leave NZ! I get to London 26 Aug, looking forward to meeting everyone soon :slight_smile:


Sorry about the late reply guys, I get into London on the 22nd of August, only a week away! I’m happy with camping, i just hope it doesn’t get too cold haha. Where are you both staying when you get to London?


Don’t worry about the slow reply! Time is going so quickly. I have 4 days left at work which is super exciting :slight_smile: I am staying with friends when I get to London apart from the night before the tour leaves which I am staying at the Clink hostel where the tour leaves from. See you guys soon


I just got home from my last shift of work, so the fact that i leave soon is really starting to sink in. I’ll be at the Clink for a week before departure, so i’m sure i will bump into you at some stage. See you soon x