Mega European 28th June - 15th Auguts 2016


Hi everyone. :slight_smile:

Trip is all booked!!!

It’s still 11 months away but who else have booked this trip? Can’t wait to meet everyone!


Oh hey!

I’m looking to book the exact same trip as you!

Would love to connect with you! ;D


I’m all booked for this tour too! So excited :slight_smile: !!


Karina that’s awesome! And your from Melbourne! We can meet up!

Add me on Facebook


Anyone else booked this tour yet :smile:


Hey :slight_smile:
I am looking at this tour but I can’t see the dates, definitely planning on leaving in June! Super keen!


That’s awesome :smile: when will you find out the dates you want?


I’m not sure when they are out here but I’m hoping to go mid June but we will see if there are massive price differences when I book :slight_smile: I can pretty much go whenever in June though!


Well the date I have in the chat name is the exact dates I’m doing :slight_smile: I’ll be in London a few days before sight seeing as well :smile:
Will you be travelling alone?


Hey - yeh I am travelling solo :smiley: I will be on either the tour before (mid June) or this one but I’m just waiting for the dates. Summer next year can’t come fast enough!


I know I’m so excited! I have to have knee surgery in a few weeks and I know having this tour booked is great incentive to push through rehab haha.


Hey Maryanne! I was looking at booking a tour mid June, however i have decided that the 28th June- 15th August tour is much better option for me- also it has a guaranteed depature which heaps of the other dates don’t. I am going in to fully book this tour on monday! I would love to connect with you :slight_smile: its my first time travelling to Europe and my first time going solo anywhere. I’m a wee bit nervous but so excited!! :slight_smile:


Yay :slight_smile: how exciting. I can’t wait!

Can’t wait to meet you! Add me on Facebook and we can chat!

I’m going solo too and this is my first ever trip by myself. Do you know where you want to say before the tour starts or when you plan on getting there?


I’m so excited to see more and more people booking this tour!! I can’t wait to meet everyone next year!! Totally settling my travelling solo for the first time nerves!


Agreed siobhan!!


Just off to offically book it at the travel agents now!! woohoo :smile: no i’m not 100% sure what im doing before the tour starts, i may go and stay with family in france for a while, but i will defo be in london staying at wombats the night before the tour starts. How about you? :slight_smile: I will add you on fb now :grinning:


Hi, I’m Erin
I booked the same trip as well, I will be travelling solo, very excited!!!


Yay that’s so exciting! Where will you be coming from?


I will be coming from Perth but I am doing another tour before this one in Scandinavia and I will be in London for about a week before this one starts.


That’s so exciting! What made you want to do the Scandinavian one?