Mega european 26th may


Hey my gf and i are doing the mega euro tour in may and wondering how many people out there are on that tour.???


Hi Kate[br][br]Just letting you know we managed to book the globetrotter for 24th & 25th of May before the tour so if your keen drinks before the tour would be good! I know of 8 of us from australia going on the tour so far but havent heard from anyone in other countries! Apparently our tour is full.[br][br]Kylie


Hey Kylie![br][br]Thats awseme you guys booked there! Drinks are a great idea we are keen as! We spoke to topdeck and they said the trip was guarenteed so there would need to be a fair few people going hey. 8 fellow aussies WAHOO! its getting exciting now hey, i can’t believe its only 2 months before we go! I heard europe is still having a cold front so i hope thats all passed by the time we get there!!![br]Kate[br]XXX [br][br]


hay guys and gals, Im doing another tour from you lot but Im going to be at the globe trotter at the same time. I hope you don’t mind a kiwi meetitng up with yas?[br][br]Thanks


Of course not the more the merrier![br]Keep you posted with where when etc[br]Where in Nz are you from, I used to live in christchurch, now living in Sydney.


Im from Wellington so go the hurricanes and crusaders (currentluy in the top two spots)[br][br]Im doing the Europe unplgged trip


Hi there… my bf and I are joining you on the mega tour , although we are leavingthe tour in Istanbul. Cant wait… its our last trip on our way back to NZ after 2 years in the UK. We are also stayin at the Globetrotter on the 25th… so if Kiwis are welcome then we are in for drinks… ;D[br][br]See you all on tour!


Hey Kiwibug[br][br]Nice you will be joining us for drinks before and also the tour, its so close now its getting so exciting. 2 years in the UK? My boyf and i are staying in the UK from July06-March07 working and travelling so tell me everything you know!!! [br][br]Kate


Hey[br]I checked the web and the hostel does have a bar so should be easy to meet up with everyone it even said cheap drinks (bonus). Guess the best thing to do is keep in touch closer to the date, only 7 weeks until we leave on our trip so excited!![br][br]Wish that I could stay and work/travel in the uk but not this time - you guys will have a ball.[br][br]Kiwi bug - like kate said would be great to meet up!!


You lucky things getting to do the 3 week own thing tour I would love to come over few weeks early and goout and about but me bosses wont let me go any longer siting that seeing how im already taking a month off work I cant have any more time off as they have enough problems[^] [v]


Hi Kate,[br][br]Well… if I was to tell you all we know about living in the UK I would be here for hours… so maybe we will leave it until we are on tour… [br][br]Just one bit of advise though… if you can and if you havent already, set up your British bank account whilst you are still in Oz. In NZ the ASB bank and Thomas Cook were the two agencies that were able to do this for us. When you set one up there is a min amount you have to pay into it, if you can do it. The paperwork and hassel of trying to set up an account when you get here is not worth it.[br][br]Well, keep us updated on drinks…[br][br]Later[br]:slight_smile:


Hi Kiwibug,[br][br]Great advice, thanks! I was actually hearing a few different sides when investigating the bank account thing. I heard that it was difficult to set up a bank account in the UK due to the terrorism thing but then i heard it was easy so i appreciate that hey, will look into it a bit more now![br][br]Can’t wait to hear all about it, its great listening to all the stories, i am currently working with a girl from Bristol and she is filling me in parts. [br][br]Will keep you posted on the drinks, i feel it may be a big one! Maybe a couple of nights before we are due to go on the tour as a 6am start with a hangover is going to be tough![br][br]Kate[br]XXX[br][br]


Hi Kate,[br][br]The bank account thing, is not a problem because of terrorism, its because you will have no banking/credit history in the UK. The systems and paperwork over here are quite slow. Basically, if you try and set up an account here you need proof of address etc… i.e. multiple bills in your name at one specific address in the UK. Now if you are like most of us, you will be dossing on someone?s floor for a while, so no address, if you dont have a bank account you wont be paying for anything using UK money, so no bills, if you are trying to get a job you need a bank account for wages to be paid into…[br][br]Trust me on this, unless things have changed drastically over the last 2 years, its best to get the account before you get to the UK. There are no service fees on account over here, yet, so you wont be loosing money on an account that is just sitting here.[br][br]Anyway, good luck with your preparations.[br][br]I’ll see you in May.[br][br][br]:slight_smile:


kiwibug,[br][br]my advice is go through some agency. that is how i got over to the uk back in august last year and they write a letter for you to get a bank account set up.[br][br]Byron[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


ATTN: Kiwibug, Shmu, katengez[br][br]Tristan and I are leaving for our trip tomorrow and will be in London staying at the Globetrotter before the tour departs on the 26th May so if your up for drinks on either night let me know i will be checking my email on our travels so we can organise a time etc (if you are still keen).[br][br]Not long to go now - looking forward to it!!![br][br]Kylie[br]


Hi Kylie and Tristan (Kiwibug and katengez inclided here)[br][br]Im stillkeen to meet up and have a few drinks and so forth while we are over in London is still a wee way away altough (3 weeks) and suggest we orgnise something closer to the time [br] [br]if its okay with everyone else::)[br][br]enjoy the next few weeks while some of us are still working xx( [br][br]With thanks[br][br]Shmu


Hi all, im an Aussie chik takin the last place in the mega tour. Last minute decision so its 2weeks? before the tour kicks off. I feel like im forgettin something in a way only coz the tour is around the corner. If u can help me out in any way please would be great. any little tips u know i cant go without would b gratefully appreciated. Travellin on my own so feel like a bit of loner :frowning: sadness, but looking forward to meetin the team and hope its not too scary[br][br]Socceroos are the GO!


Ok last email about the drinks, we will be at the bar in the globetrotter hostel at 8pm on the 24th May so anyone going on the Mega Euro or london to athens dep 26th May we would love to meet up before the tour starts - or anyone else just staying there that wants to meet up.[br][br]cya ;D