Mega European (26/6)



I am looking at booking the Mega European starting on the 26 June - has anyone else booked this?



Hey me and my friend are doing that one too! :slight_smile:


oh really? yay! i am going solo now since my friends didn’t have the money.

im excitedddddd :smiley:


awesome, when do you arrive in london? i can’t wait.


i think i fly in on the 22 still sorting out flights. when do you arrive? im going to have issues with packing though! haha


im flying in on the 18th to go to a festival for a few days and get back from that the day before the tour!! i know im always really bad at packing i always take way to much!!


I’m flying solo too!

Is anyone staying at the Clink the night before?


Hey guys,
I’m going on this tour too! Getting really excited now as its not far off!
Think I will book in accomodation for before and after the trip at the Clink.
Is anyone settling down in London afterwards?
Can’t wait to meet you guys!
Alana xxx


Hey guys!
I’m doing the Classic Europe starting 26 June which is part of the Mega European. Travelling around for a few weeks before this and staying with my cousin in London. Can’t wait to meet everyone!
Amy x


hey yeh me and my friend will be staying in london after a bit more travel…hopefully finding jobs and all that jazz, not long now :smiley:



My friend and I are doing the Eastern Explore tour so we join the Mega European on the 24th of July in Istanbul :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. My friend Julian and i are also doing this tour.
we arrive in london on june 21st, and we’re staying at the clink 261.
we’ll tour london for four days before the tour.
we’re super excited !!!
Can’t wait to meet everyone :o)

Pery ;D


hi guys n gals…

yup im flying solo for this aswell, leaving Perth on the 22nd. I think the Clink is all booked out, does anyone know of any other back packers near there? Cant wait for this trip and to meet awesome new people B-)


i dont know of any places, we are just staying with my brother, 5 days till i hit up london :smiley: