Mega European 25th July 2017


Hi everyone!
So I know I’m super early, but has anyone else booked this tour already?
I’m a solo traveler from Australia


I have booked the Europe mega from 6th June


Sorry I mean the 12th


Ah spewing! I’m jealous that you get to go a month before me! It’s so far away but I’m super excited!


Did you book for a guaranteed tour??


Yeah the one I booked said guaranteed departure


Hi @michael14 I have booked the mega European with Egypt for the 25th July so may see you, are you starting in London?


Hey @Jess_Gleeson awesome! I believe we are on the same tour except we split up in greece for a few days while you head to Egypt. Yeah I’ll be starting in london, how about you?


Yeah that’s what they tell me… we leave the mega’/ in Greece and head off to Egypt then meet you all back in Croatia. Super keen! Yeah I get into London on the 24th July so if you’re keen to meet for a beer I’ll probably need one by then hahaha. -Anyway add me on Facebook if you like; Jess Gleeson


Ah awesome. I’m heading to london around the 20th! I tried to add you on facebook but apparently there a quite a few Jess Gleeson’s


Hahahaha yeah there sure are. What’s your name and I’ll add you @michael14


I’m the Jess Gleeson with the green glasses in her hair and wearing the orange high vis shirt haha


Michael nichol. pretty sure I’ve found you though! @Jess_Gleeson


I’m going 22nd august anyone else going round this time?


Hi @jess_gleeson and @michael14 me and my partner are booked on this trip and so looking forward to it!!!

Do you guys want to start a Facebook page for it?


I just booked this tour! I was scouring the posts to find someone else who is going on this trip, so I’m glad I found this one. I am traveling solo from USA. The trip is what… 90 something days out? Are y’all getting excited? :slight_smile:


I know you posted this a long time ago, but we should create a facebook page! The tour is less than 100 days out!


Hi…Im jess from adelaide…travelling solo also…nervous but excited…does anyone know where we first meet up in london???


Wombat City Hostel in London. Have you tried downloading the app?