Mega European 22nd Aug to 09 Oct 2017 Greece or Egypt


Hi my name is Cassie,

I’m looking at booking this tour in the coming weeks, is anyone else planning to do this trip? would like to hear from anyone that is



Update: Today I booked the Mega European Egypt tour which is also the tour that does more of Greece just it splits ways half way through and meets up again later in the tour.


Hey cassie i’m looking at booking the Eastern adventure tour, that one joins the mega tour halfway :slight_smile: If your tour starts on the 22nd of August my tour, I think would most likely would start on the 10th of september!


Hi Brooke,

Yes I am booked on the 22nd Aug trip Mega Europian Egypt tour.

I didn’t know another tour meets up with us I thought the two Mega tours are just together :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, I think because the mega tour is such a large tour a couple other groups will join with it, like mine :slight_smile:


Hey Cassie, I’m booked on this tour, with the Egypt option! Looks like it’ll be a great trip :slight_smile:


Hey I’m 22nd august doing Greece, looking for people doing the same tour!


Oh yay, awesome Tyla :smiley:Has everyone downloaded the travel app and logged in?


Hey! I’m doing the Mega European Greece option, and am a lone traveller! It’s my first time doing something like this as I’m only 18 but i’m terrified to be doing it alone!


Hey, I’m doing the same tour and doing it alone!


Most of us are travelling alone :stuck_out_tongue: where abouts are you travelling from?


I’m travelling from Brisbane, Australia :slight_smile:


Nice, same here :slight_smile:


I’m doing the same tour as you Brooke :slight_smile:


Hey Cassie! My names Lucy, I’m from Australia and I will be doing this tour (the Greece one), I’m a solo traveler and excited to meet ppl!


Hey girl! im doing this tour too (the Greece one) im a solo traveller form New Zealand