Mega European 2013


Has anyone booked this yet???//


Hi, I’m looking at doing the Road to Athens one which is the Mega only it stops in Athens OR the full Mega. Looks like an awesome trip! When are you thinking of going? I’m going with a friend and her partner and her are looking early to mid August.
I cannot wait!


Hey! Yeah i have booked the one from the 28th May-15th July!! Wanted it to be the beginning of summer so i could go explore after, Cant wait wish it could be now!


Ive decided to do the Road to Athens one i think, then im going to spend about two weeks in Rome before heading to London to live. Ive been dreaming of this for AGES it cannot come soon enough. Where abouts do you want to explore?


I haven’t booked yet but i plan on doing the mega european that leaves July 9!!


Hi All,

I’m looking at booking the Mega European trip departing 2nd or 9th July and will be booking in the next 2 weeks (depending on the approval of my leave from work)

I will be travelling solo as well. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time! I can’t wait!

Tammy B-)


I cant go until August the 6th. Still warm then! Which is all that matters. Anyone thinking of this date?


I will be doing the Imperial Trail which joins Mega European in Rome. I will joining Mega European trip August. I am also a solo traveler.


Thats cool mayb we will be on the same bus!


Yes booked Mega europe for 23/7/13 - 09/09/13


I’ve booked the mega departing the 2nd July as there is guaranteed departure where as the 9 th is not( you find out 6 weeks prior to departure with the 9th) . It’s ok if your dates are flexible :slight_smile:

Bring it on!!!


Hi guys,
This weekend I’ll be booking the Mega European for 25th June and will be traveling solo.

Was supposed to embark on my first ever Eurotrip this year but I was hospitalised two weeks before departure and couldn’t go!
Don’t EVER think you won’t need Travel Insurance… I cannot stress how important it is to have a suitable policy INCLUDING sufficient cancellation costs. Believe me, $350 for a policy is NOTHING when you have to cancel a $15k trip…Who would’ve thought I’d be hospitalised and have to cancel my dream trip two weeks before getting on the plane??

2013 is my year and now I’m planning things bigger and better!!


Hi! Is anyone thinking of doing the Mega European trip end Aug/early Sept 2013?? i know its not considered their summer but im doing America before hand and am so looking forward to doing this one!! im going solo also :slight_smile:


Im going on the Mega euro on the 13th August now. Cannot wait.


Hi Jess
My friend Ashley and I will be going on the eastern adventure tour which will join the mega tour (on day 20) that leaves on the 13th of august so we should be on the same trip!!! We are booking on the weekend coming! How exciting… We can’t wait!

Amanda :slight_smile:


Hey Amanda,

Thats awsome we will be on the same trip for about 4 days! I leave when we get to Athens on the 24th day. Does this mean you’ll be there for the sailing? Thats the part im mostly looking forward too! Im hoping to bring along a friend too so we can all meet when you two join. YAY.

Whats your plans after the trip? im going to be stayin in London


P.s Amanda, I see your name is Amanda1988 does this mean you were born in 1988? Me too! lol ;D


Hey Jess
My friend and I join in Athens so I don’t think we do any sailing… Haha yeah I was born in 88!!
We are going to Paris, Oktoberfest, Rome and then home! Pretty excited as I will have already been there for 5 weeks with my family before ash comes over and we start the tour!
Wow living in London will be fun! Is that permanent or just for a while?


Hey Amanda,

Wow that sounds like an awesome trip. Im going to spend two weeks in Rome after i leave athens then move to London. Cannot wait. Not sure of the exact time of my stay in London wil see how things go!. Oktoberfest does look good. Might look into that too.


Hi Bec,

I’m doing the Road to Athens tour deprating 25th of June which I believe is the same as the Mega European but I finish in Athens =] Whiich means we are on the same tour.
I am also travelling solo! Glad to know there are others =]