Mega European 2012


Hey guys!!

Just booked the 49 day mega european tour departing june 5th next year!
Took advantage of the pre release dates, anyone else guna book on this tour?



Hey I’m looking at this tour too! Not exactly sure what dates I’m going to book, but most likely a June or early July departure… Looks so awesome! :slight_smile:


Hi Beckyy!!

yeah it looks like a great tour covers lots of places! :slight_smile:
let me know if u decide 2 do the 5th june departure im a solo traveller so would be cool 2 know someone else going on the tour! :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,

I’m looking at the tour too for 2012 can’t wait!!!

I am also a solo traveller ;D going May/June.



Me too! Looking to go in June sometime. I am also a solo traveller. I will be in england from January. Is anyone else staying long term before/after their trip?


Hey guys!
u shud def do the 5th june tour :slight_smile:
chantelle im not staying long term after the trip but am hopefully guna stick around for a good few weeks after the tour! so excited!!



The tour looks so good, have decided to do the tour that leaves on 17th April! So excited! :slight_smile:


Early June would be a good time to go, better than July august when it’s super hot and there will be wayyyy too many tourists. I’ll have a think about it anyway :slight_smile: I’m doing a working holiday for 2012 in England, I’ll be touring around in between. Is anyone planning to stay at the clink78 before or after the tour coz I probably will be. Would be great to know someone as I’ll be on my own!


hey chantelle cool a working holiday sounds awesome! yuuup i wil most likely be staying at the clink before and after the tour 4 the convenience and then its a good chance 2 catch up and meet people on your tour before you go! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I’m also looking at this tour (5 June departure) and just had a question - has anyone else had a look at the Ultimate European Contiki tour? I’m so undecided! Everyone has given me mixed reviews and I’d love to know why you’ve chosen Top Deck.



Oh wow see the reason I picked top deck was because I couldn’t find a similar contiki one! But thanks to you I may end up going with contiki as I’m doing a top deck in February I’d like to try one of each. Wow thanks so much for pointing out a similar one. I’d say I’ll be on the contiki for this one now :slight_smile:


Hey Kate, yup I had looked at the ultimate european contiki but decided 2 go with topdeck because I wanted to do the sailing part and go 2 dubrovnik which contiki doesn’t do on that tour. also topdeck has quite a few more included meals than the contiki one and from what I’ve heard topdeck gives u a bit more free time on the tours!! but yea it was a tough decision 4 me but i ended up going with topdeck on the 5th june departure! :slight_smile:


Hey Chantelle - Any reason you’re leaning towards contiki over topdeck?


Oh and Kimberly - Are you staying at the Clink beforehand?


hey kate yup will def be staying at the clink before hand! just makes things easier :slight_smile:


Hey Alysha! If I can finally decide on what to do, I would leave on April17 too! (I’m not sure yet whether to go alone backpacking or to do the Topdeck tour… Soon to be decided!) Obviously I would stay at the Clink a few days before leaving just to get to know the London area! I’m letting you know when I make the final decision! With the 10% discount offered til Sept 30, I gotta make it quick…!

Oh, and nice to meet you guys! :slight_smile:


Hey guys

i just saw this post and thought i would let you know that i have just finished the 49 day Mega European tour - it was completely amazing!!

So if you have any questions i can try and answer them :slight_smile:



Hi Carly!

Wow, glad to hear that the tour is amazing!!
I have heaps of quetions haha.

  • what is the weather like and what are the best things to pack?
  • is there anything that you wish you had taken that you didnt?
  • or anything that you took that you really didn’t need?
  • when in switzerland was it possible to do both the jungfrau excursion as well as the skydiving? I really want to do both!!
  • what are the best optionals on the trip?
  • how was the sailing part of the trip?
  • I am thinking of taking an ipod touch with me to keep in touch with people, is there many places that have free wifi in europe?

I will probably have more questions later on but this is what I can think of now :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Kate, I decided on contiki because I’m doing a top deck winter tour so I thought I’d try one on each. Also the contiki is around $1000 cheaper for pretty much the same tour. Skipping Croatia is the only major difference I found. I’ve heard good things about both contiki and top deck but I’m keen to try one of each, and for a grand less as well I’m pretty happy :slight_smile:


Hi Carly - just a quick one: Did you take a backpack or suitcase?
I’d much rather take a suitcase to fit more stuff in but don’t want it to be annoying!