Mega European 2012 1st May Departure (HTME)


With 5 weeks to go I’m worried if there’s anyone doing this tour! Even though it is a guaranteed departure. Anyone?


I’m on this tour, see ya then! Can’t wait!


I am on this tour as well! :smiley:
This is going to be fun!


When are you all arriving?
I get into London April 29 about 7am, should give me 2 full days to see a bit of London.


Great to see others! I’m arriving in London on the 25th.


I am going to be there April 30th around 10:00 am or so. I am going to be seeing how much of London I can cram in there in one day! :smiley:


Hey guys! My friend and I are going to be on the Eastern Explore trip leaving May 29th, so I’ll be joining up with you guys half way through!
I’m super excited. I wish I could afford to go on the whole trip with everyone, kinda feels a bit weird joinin a group half way through. It’ll be good to at least know a few names before I join you guys.

I’m going to be in Istanbul 2 days early, so I should be there the same time you guys are there. I was going to stay in the same hotel as you guys but it’s like 190$ for the two nights so I’m just going to find a hostel near by. Maybe I’ll be able to meet up with you guys before I officially join the tour. Anyways, keep in touch, I’d like to make some friends before I actually get there!

What part of Canada are you from Katie? I’m from Victoria and my buddy’s from Van.

PS. My friend Guido who’s joining me on this trip has his birthday on May 29th (the first day we join you guys) so let’s make it an awesome night!!!


Hey Group! I am so excited to get to Europe and embark on our journey. I am flying out of Calgary AB on April 28, 2012 to hopefully adjust to the time change before the tour starts. If anyone knows good hostels in London please feel free to let me know!

Ps: Are any other Canadians getting the visa for Turkey in Canada or are you guys getting it at the boarder?


Oh no, looks like a tour full of Canadian’s :stuck_out_tongue: this could be trouble…

The easiest hostel to stay in would be the one where the tour starts, Clink78 (not sure if it’s good or not though, will find out soon)


I have to say that it may be trouble from all the Aussies … I have herd that you all can drink a lot… I better build my alcohol tolerance levels up before we all meet up lol.

Thanks for the input on hostels, I looked Click78 and it looks nicer than I thought it would. What part of Australia are you from?


I am thinking of going up to Vancouver/ Victoria before my final exams sometime between April 6-16, 2012. I have two older brothers and one lives in Vancouver with his wife and baby girl and my other brother lives in Victoria and is going to U of Vic. If I end up going to see my bro’s ill let you know and we can meet up for drinks or go feed the seals at Oak Bay Marina.


I’m from ‘sunny’ Melbourne…


It’s good to see so many others!

William – hopefully we’re not too intimidating when you join us on May 29th :wink:

I’ll be staying at the Clink on the 29th and 30th so maybe those of us staying there could meet up and get to know each other?

Not too long to go!


I’m also staying there on the 29th and 30th…

not long now only about 3 weeks, pretty excited!


Hey there!

I’m from the Hamilton, Ontario area, about 40 mins from Toronto.

I am getting my Visa for Turkey like today cause I want to be worry free on the trip! :smiley:


Yeah, I think it’s best to get the Visa before the trip if you can. You never know what might happen, and it’s always best to be safe.
Alanna if you come down, let me know. I’ll try to check in here as much as possible. I work pretty much every day now trying to save up enough spending money for this trip, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find some time. I’m even more excited now, you all seem like a legit group of people.


My partner and I are on this tour. Two weeks before we leave for London! Super excited! We are kiwis from Auckland. We had two Canadians living with us from Calgary last year fun times. Can’t wait to meet u all! Is there any advise or tips you have heard about going on a top deck that u want to share?

  • William stuff has come up and I am not going to be in Vic :frowning:

  • Group ill be in Clink the nights of April 29th and 30th I cant wait to meet everyone!


That’s too bad. Well have fun everyone!
I’ll see you guys in a few weeks :slight_smile:


Only 2 weeks! Sitting at work is making the time go so slow… hurry up!

Our trip is also on Facebook: