Mega European 2012 14th Aug


Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone else has booked the Mega European Tour for the 14th Aug2012
I am travelling solo and would love to get to know someone beforehand.

Lexie :slight_smile: x



I am also book on the mega European tour for the 14th Aug2012…
Travelling solo as well so also like you would be good to know someone beforehand.
Are you staying in London before the tour starts?



Hi Guys!

I’m booked on the same tour too, departing on 14th of August and travelling solo :slight_smile: AND I noticed you’re from Perth as well :slight_smile: Would definitely love to meet up before the tour :slight_smile:




im also doing the mega european departing 14th august, and also am travelling solo




Im staying in London from the 6th August with a friend and then doing the tour solo. Ill be staying at the Clink where the tour picks us up from for ttwo nights prior.

Add me on facebook or Lexie Parks might be easier to talk :slight_smile:


Hey all

I’m a Kiwi (29yo female) living and working in London (arrived Nov 2011) and booked on the Mega European 2012 departing on 14 August as well - can’t wait!

If you’re staying in London before the trip, give me a yell - would love to meet other peeps going on this tour. Feel free to PM me :slight_smile:



Im staying in London for about a week before the trip. Is anyone going to any of the olympic games?
How much spending money are you guys planning on taking?
Im super keen on doing that sky dive i think it will be unreal!
And are you taking a back pack or a suit case?
Have any of you done a tour this long?



im in London from June
yep im going to olympic games
im taking a backpack
never done a tour this long


Cool, yeh im thinking back pack is a goer!
Are you from the Gold Coast Cameron?
Im flying over to Brisbane on Friday to visit a friend and go to Soundwave! Then spending some time on the Goldy and Byron Bay.

Im doing a 10 day tour in Vietnam with Contiki in July so hopefully that will give me a bit of a taste for how this tour will be :slight_smile:


no im not from the gold coast i live in nsw on the central coast :slight_smile:


Hmm, I’ve changed my plans - going on the European Pioneer now - departing 19 July - more sun! :slight_smile:


Hey my name is Sarah and I will also be doing the mega European tour but I’ll doing it with my friend Annisha we are both looking forward to the tour and can’t wait it’s great to get to know some people before hand… This is our first trip to Europe… Umm I saw u guys talking about bags we were thinking bAck packs as well … But yeah my full name is Sarah Michail n u r all more than welcome to add me on Facebook can’t wait!! 5 n a half months to go… We will be doing the britain n Ireland tour before hand than staying at the clink hostel 3 days prior to the tour leaves speak soon


hey ever one just putting this out there is any one heading to tomorrowland festival??A friend am i are heading there then after i am doining the mega alone!get ahold of me if anyone is heading there would be good to meet up!!