Mega European 2011


Just booked this tour, looking forward to it.

One question (likely more to come!) though. On the main page of the tour details it says “49 day trip in Europe staying in hotels, cabins on yachts, hostels & tents in European campsites” but on the right hand box it does not mention tenting. Am I right to assume there is no tenting in this trip? No biggie, just keen for clarification.


Actually I think reading through the Pre-Departure Info my question is answered. No tenting!


I’m doing a tour that’s part of the Mega European. I think campsites have cabin style accommodation so no need to tent


Good stuff Sara. Thanks!


Hey I’m also doing Mega European. I’m leaving 19th April how about you?


Hey I’m doing the June 21st trip. You can tell me how good it is!


Will do! I’m on 3 back to backs and thats the first so I’m hoping they are awesome lol ;D


Three back to back! Is 50 days not long enough haha! What are the other two you are doing?


lol i like Travelling :stuck_out_tongue: Afetr the Mega Euro I have 8 days free in the UK. Then I’m doing the 21 day Iberian Voyager, then flying straight to Egypt to do the 15 day Pyramids & Beaches. lol and then 2 or 3 days in Dubai on the way home!


I have stayed in camp sites in Italy and South Eastern Europe before and they were always fine. I would just recommend getting something against mosquito bites. Yeah, I always got a lot of bug bites when I went camping there. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are allergic to ants either or something. ;D


I’m pretty sure I’m not allergic to ants… Only one way to find out! Appreciate the advice on mosquito bites though, would not have thought about that at all. Thanks!


How do you find out if your tour is part of a bigger tour? I’m going on the European Wonder and am wondering if it meets up with any other tours! :slight_smile:


I’m not sure… Do they meet up?