Mega European 2011 - 26Th July - 12Th Sept


I have booked on to the Mega European 2011 and will be travelling alone,

Has anyone else booked on to this trip? Be good to get to know a few people before we go.

Getting very excited now!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey Phill,
I am going on the Road To athens Tour that departs London on the 26th of July 2011. I belive this is part of the Mega European tour, though I’m not sure if we will be travelling together.



Hey Phill,
Myself and a mate have booked in to go on the Mega European tour from the 26th of july to the 12th of september. Really looking forward to it i cant wait!!


G’day Phill,

Should be a great tour and we are f in mollowing it up with oktoberfest in munich.
Look forward to meeting you and having a few beers.



nice to see a few other people on the trip :slight_smile:

Any of you guys on Facebook? Be great to get to know a few of you before we go :slight_smile:

Phill Chadwick (


Hey Everyone! I am also on the Mega European and then the Oktoberfest trip!

I already know Phill but everyone else should add me on facebook!

Taylor Jones (

Id love to say hi!


Hey guys,
I’ll try to add you guys on facebook my name Rohan Needham. My mate Paul thats posted on here has pulled out so i’m travelling by myself aswell now.

It’s starting to get close i’m getting excited :slight_smile: