Mega European 2010~!~


Hey everyone I’m new to Topdeck and to this forum. I’m planning on booking the Mega European tour on the July 18th departure and can’t wait. Anyone have any advice that’s done this trip or any of the camping trips before? I’m going at it alone and for some reason, not nervous at all about it. Let me know if you’ll be joining me![br][br]Life’s too short to be scared.


[br]Hey I’ll be doing this trip with you and can’t wait! I’m so excited about it. I plan on staying at The Clink for a week beforehand. Like you I’m traveling solo but I’m sure others will be in the same position.[br][br]I’ve bought most of the stuff already that I’ll need but still deciding on which sleeping bag to get as I don’t wanna be too hot or cold haha, what one are you planning on bringing? I’m so pumped to go, everyday looks like it’ll be so fun! [br][br]Luke[br][br]


Hey!! So glad someone responded and will be there too! I just bought a sleeping bag liner and plan on stealing the blanket I get on my flight over just in case. Both are compact enough that they will be easy to pack. I’m staying at a hostel called St. Christopher’s Village by London Bridge beforehand- its super cheap and I’ve stayed there twice before. [br][br]Where are you from?[br][br]Jackie[br][br]Life’s too short to be scared.


[br]Hey Jackie I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Whereabouts in the US are you from? This will be my first time to Europe so everything will be new to me. However you sound like a seasoned traveler, whereabouts in Europe have you been before? Every day sounds really interesting but I’m especially looking forward to the sailing in Greece! I also think drinking Belgium beers in Belgium will be pretty amazing. What are you most looking forward to?[br][br]Luke


I’m from the suburbs of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. I’ve wanted to visit Australia for so long! I was considering moving there next fall for a few months before it got too cold here. Having 3 summers in a row would be a dream! Haha I am definitely not a seasoned traveler though. I moved to London, England last year using the work visa program through Bunac so I was able to visit Belgium, France, and Wales during my time. I also went to Egypt because my roommate had family over there. That’s the extent of my international experiences! While I’m looking forward to seeing the major western European cities (Paris and Rome!)and of course all the beaches in Greece and Croatia, I really can’t wait to visit the Eastern European countries. I’m actually already looking at booking the Red Star Special for the year after if I like the Topdeck Touring style. [br][br]I love camping, but have only done a few weekend camping trips with friends so this whole experience is probably going to be histerical. I love the outdoors, but I don’t know how capable I am of setting up a whole tent! What other things did you get already? Right now I’m at a backpack, the sleeping bag liner, and a flashlight lol.[br][br]Life’s too short to be scared.


I haven’t camped that much either but like you I love the outdoors! I choose the camping option as I thought I’d see more of the countries that way. I also think you get more out of a day which is great! I’m sure we’ll get the hang of putting up tents… we have 49 days practice lol.[br][br]So far I’ve got a sleeping bag, bag with daypack, torch, camera, towel and toiletries bag as well as a nice watch with an alarm. I need to get a clothes line and travel pillow.[br][br]Just need to save as much money as I can now! Any idea when the optional activities come out? I’m interested in seeing what?s there, I was thinking about doing skydiving if it’s offered what were your thoughts lol?[br][br]I noticed the tour doesn’t go to Belgium which is a bit of a disappointment to me but it pretty much goes everywhere else lol so should be good. Hopefully their beer is a very common commodity throughout Europe haha.


I hear you about saving up for the optional stuff. I’m actually recovering from mono right now but plan on busting my butt and signing up for a ton of overtime in the next few months. I want to do as much as I can over there. I’ve already gone skydiving, but totally recommend it. I might have to do it again haha. I always end up totally burning myself out while traveling because I want to do and see everything so I’m sure this trip will be no different. Going into the blue grottos, the gondula ride, and all the major tourist stuff (not necessarily the museums though) is a must for me. Oh I also want to go into one of the Turkish baths![br][br]I bartended while I lived in London so I promise you will not be disappointed in the beer selections. Make sure you try Staropromen (I totally spelled that wrong) and if you haven’t ever tried a cider before get some magners on ice. I was disappointed that the trip didn’t stop in Belgium too but we do drive through it at the end before we cross the English channel again so maybe we can beg to stop in Brugge or something =). [br][br][br]Life’s too short to be scared.



I’m also booked on this trip. It’s great fo find others who are too. I’m only going as far as Istanbul though. I can’t wait. It’s going to come around so fast now.

I’m quite disorganised. I don’t know what to pack, haha!

I’m from Sydey :slight_smile:


I’m doing this trip that leaves on May 16.

Pretty excited. I could probably even answer questions if people needed more info as my group is wrapping up.


Hi Matthew

Has your group been told to pack anything in particular? I know we need a sleeping bag. What about a pillow?? Are you taking a backpack?


[quote=15022]Hi Matthew

Has your group been told to pack anything in particular? I know we need a sleeping bag. What about a pillow?? Are you taking a backpack?[/quote]

I haven’t received any official package from TopDeck yet with any sort of packing list. I do plan on bringing a sleeping bag (doing Red Star after which goes into arctic circle). From what I’ve read, most hostels on the trip will provide pillows, but campsites seem doubtful. It seems like most people are bringing a small camping pillow.

And as far as packing, I am currently shopping for a backpack/rolling suitcase combo with a daypack. My research has suggested that a traditional rolling suitcase is pretty inconvenient for campsites, stairs, etc.


hi anita,

i didn’t see your post until just now. im glad to know there is somebody besides just luke and i on this tour! when are you arriving in london? ill be there the friday morning before we leave. luke and i were talking about getting as many of us together beforehand as we can find so we can get that awkward getting-to-you thing out of the way early. anyways, let me know what you’ve got on your packing list so far. im freaking out a bit and its still just february!


Hey Jackie, Luke and Anita!

I’m Danielle from Adelaide! My friend Emily and I are also doing this tour! It is our first trip to Europe and we are sooo excited! We are arriving in London on the 14th and spending four nights at the Clink hostel before the tour so I guess we’ll see you there! I also can’t wait to do to the sailing…the count down is on :slight_smile:

I haven’t done much camping so this should be a hoot…and my backpack is as big as me Haha

It’s nice to finally talk to some people on our Tour!


Hello Everyone

I’ll be arriving in London on July 2 and checking it out for a few nights and then I’m doing a week long tour of UK/Ireland with Trafalgar which gets me back on the 17th in the afternoon. I’ll only have a few hours to get myself ready for the topdeck tour!! I will be staying at the Clink that night though and I’d love to meet everyone beforehand that afternoon/night. We will have to organise something for sure. Does anybody know how the pre tour meeting is going to work? Is it the night before?

So far I just have my backpack, and a camping pillow. I have no idea what to pack, haha!

I’m getting sooo excited now. It’s fantastic to meet people doing this tour!


Hi girls! My friend Jill might be joining us as well!

I actually lived in London for almost a year in 08 and 09 and can honestly say the city is fantastic! im so excited you guys will all be there so we can meet up beforehand. I’m staying in a hostel by London bridge because it’s cheaper then the Clink and I’ve stayed there before, but I will definitely make my way over there to meet everyone.

I’m so stressed about packing, its not even funny. I don’t want to bring too many clothes so I don’t have to carry everything around and I also don’t want to have to handwash anything because I’m not too comfortable with leaving anything somewhere to dry… I’m so stressed about this laundry thing!

This trip is going to be absolutely amazing, I seriously think about it every single solitary day. You guys can feel free to email me or find me on facebook if you want… not sure if my privacy settings on fb will let u find me, but definitely give me your info so we can chat some more!



Hey everyone!
I’m so stoked I found this forum, its really put my mind at ease (well sort of) knowing
there are others travelling by themselves on this trip and that there will be people on
this trip. This will be my first solo trip and my first time to Europe but I’ve been all through
Aus and been to Fiji, Bali, West Timor and India. I’m from Western Australia and I
graduated last year from high school, instead of going to uni straight away I’m travelling
yay! I’ve got my backpack thing with a day pack, camera and random odds and ends
from Molly :smiley:


Hey Guys

Also be sure to join our group on Facebook!
You might find some other people on your trip and it’s also a good place to reunite with friends once the trip is over. You can put up photos, videos, comments or whatever you think might be interesting!

Have a great trip!

Topdeck Team


This is so exciting! There’s quite a few os us now!!!
I think it will be great to have a catch up before the tour :slight_smile:

Jackie. I couldn’t find you on fb but I’ll send you an email so you can add me.

I’m starting to get a bit worried about the washing situation as well. Has anybody done this sort of camping before?? I don’t want to pack too much but I don’t want be left with no clean clothes because there are no washing facilities…

Only 19 weeks to go now. Woo Hoo!

By the way, does anybody know when we will get the pre tour info pack??


Hey Guys,

A catch-up before we leave sounds cool! Jackie I couldn’t find you on FB either but if you (all of you) want to find me my email is!

I have no idea about the washing either, but my understanding was there would be washing facilities at the camping sites and we could hang our clothes to dry…or there could be dryers?? Not sure but I’ll be sure to go with the flow!

19 weeks and counting! I’m not sure when we get the pre info pack but I think it’s pretty close to when we leave! YAY!


Hi all!

My name is Erin (25) and I have booked the 18th July Mega European with my husband, Ian (27). We are from Sydney and are living in England at the moment. Moving to London in a month so busy looking for a flatshare at the moment although have planned our whole year around this trip so really excited!!! As we will be living in London leading up to the trip, I don’t think we will be staying at the Clink the night before although would still love to meet up for drinks etc before we leave. Would love to know what other people are planning on taking and what kind of spending money we might need to take??? (I’m sure that admission to places and drinks etc will quickly add up!)