Mega European 2007


[br][br]Heya Everyone[br][br]Just wondering who else is thinking about doin the Mega European in June/July 2007 - Im 21 and from Australia and bringing my best friend who’s 20.[br]Ive also got a question relating to suitcase/backpacks - a suitcase with handle and wheels is cool hey? And it doesnt matter if it goes a couple of centermitres over the limits does it? [br][br]Aussie Aussie Aussie


I’m going, but not sure what date yet, probably the end of june or early july.


Hi Aussie,[br][br]If your suit case is only a few cm larger then the allowed size, that will be fine. Please do make sure that your case does not exceed 20kg though.[br][br]Cheers


[br]Hey[br][br]Im thinking about going June time, was going to do this year but funds are a little low! >:( I did the London to Istanbul in 2004 and was the best thing ive ever done! Really looking forward to next year…[br][br][br][br]Gaz


yo yo travellers[br]im planning to go on that trip next year aswell.[br]im 18 myself i hope most people on the trip are around 18-22. where in aus do you all live??[br]love to do all the preparation leading up to it with you so we dont have to go it alone.[br][br] if you would rather email[br][br]Have fun :D[br][br]No Regrets